This Helmet Cam Shows You What It's Like To Fly And Hunt Like A Bird

Helmet cams are amazing at getting a first person perspective on any situation, you're literally able to see what they see. So how about attaching a little helmet camera to a falcon? Yep, you get to see what it's like to fly (surprisingly not shaky!) and see what it's like to hunt and kill (unsurprisingly messy).

PetaPixel says that falconers in Abu Dhabi created this mini helmet cam specifically for hunting falcons and it's a revealing look at the life of one of nature's most majestic creatures. These killer birds can fly and glide with more grace and control than I can do anything. And when they attack, they go balls out.

The real action of the video (when you get to see through the eyes of a falcon) begins after the two minute mark. What a beast these birds are. [PetaPixel



    Fricking amazing how easily they can take down a bird the same size if not larger.

    I'm not 100% convinced...
    The Falcon doesn't track the target with it's head?
    Seems to be a mix of RC aircraft and Falcon footage to me.

    Plus, he needs a talon-cam to film the strike.

      I'm not the authority on the subject, but I've noticed both my budgie and my conure don't look at things when they're flying, they only look in the direction they're flying, even when cornering.

      Don't forget birds have a much higher field of vision then what the camera would see.

      The bird is designed to be aerodynamic. It's eyeball can move around to give it a massive field of view. The camera is not attached to it's eye. Just it's incredibly stable head (Researched birds and gyroscopic heads, for example, a chickens head stays perfectly still when it walks)... I can't see why it would be faked, it'd be way simpler to pull it off this way, then to do a bunch of video editing and take after take of flying a RC.

    Great video !!! thanks for that.

    air superiority f.t.w.

    Very interesting.
    Couldn't help but think it would be far more interesting with a fisheye lens.

    Nice new Patrol in the biggening...

    Great footage. You can see at a few points the footage has been stabilised. I'm trying to work out if they sped up the footage at any point? The speed of the wings flapping looks about right. Any thoughts?

      I agree that it's been heavily stabilised. You only have to see the logo bouncing like a madman in the corner there to see that.

        I was wondering what the heck the deal with that was!

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