This Guy Shuts Down Banned Wi-Fi Hotspots At The Olympics

Portable Wi-Fi hotspots, powered by 3G, are banned at all the Olympic venues in London. This man makes sure that's not taken as a hollow threat, sniffing out rogue Wi-Fi networks and shutting them down.

There's a reason portable Wi-Fi hotspots are prohibited: at events that increasingly rely on wireless communication -- for everything from referee mics through timing devices to wireless cameras -- interference is a problem officials can't afford to worry about. As the saying goes, it's better to be safe than sorry.

But there is something rather amusing about seeing a man wander around with an antenna to stop people sharing their internet. [Reddit]

Image: Aschebescher



    Worse than parking inpectors.


      At least we now have his picture. Wont be long now :)

      Yeah, what a bastard, trying to make sure the Olympics' network and electronic systems work properly. It'd be much better if nothing worked, and everyone just sat in a big oval sharing WiFi.

    From the picture I thought it was another cheesy Coles campaign!

    Down down...wifi goes down!

    It is really important to shut down unnecessary wifi hotspot. I have once been to a conference talking about wifi interference and they demonstrated a huge difference to everyone when all the hotspots are off.

    Also, with an international even like this, they would have wifi channels overlapping like crazy because different country have different frequencies for different channels. It will bring the Wifi network on site to a halt.

    Apparently they are threatening anyone who even blogs or facebook's their Olympic Experience. Corporate NAZIs forgot the Olympics is public Property - thus everyone owns one share.

    Surely the answer is to use a more robust solution for the official stuff? Maybe just avoid wifi altogether?

    This just sounds like poor planning from the network guys.

      Seems like the entire Olympic event has been poorly planned.

    The Wif-Fi Inspector?!! Quick! Vivian! Eat the wireless modem!!
    Inspector: Ahaa! Thought you could get away with the old 'eat the wifi' trick?
    Vivian: It't not a wifi.. It's a toaster :)

      + 10 million

      nice one

    So... wireless would have been a good alternative to the NBN ay?

      WiFi not equal to Wireless.
      WiFI uses like 18 channels that's what they are trying to prevent clogging.
      They should be using the new standard 802.11ac

    What a joke! What poor engineering advice has London Organising Committee been getting...

    Instead of getting tens of thousands of people being policed by wifi inspectors why not use technology that doesn't transmit on 2.4ghz and instead at 5.4 or 5.8ghz! Or even 1.2ghz, 900mhz, 433Mhz and 28Mhz - all available and open bands defendant on use and criteria needed.


      Why are they reliant on the most clogged Wireless band in existence?

      Ummm.. I reckon those guys have a better grasp of how this stuff actually works than you appear to.
      You see they HAVE dealt with these issues and have come up with the best solutions available given current technologies and the only real problem now is too many folks who seem to think their own need for a personal WiFi hot spot should over-ride any other concerns.
      Exactly WHY do all these tens of thousands of people ABSOLUTELY MUST to be running their own hotspots anyway?

    I agree 95% of people with wifi hotspots on, probabyl don't realise they are on. They just leave it turned on all day long for when they want to connect to their iPad.

    But the simple fix is to switch to bluetooth tethering.

      Or even USB tethering.

    Well I wouldn't bother trying to use a hotspot there. Was at Wimbledon this year, and 3g just didn't work... Me and my mate who was with a different network... Too many people = no 3g internet. I can't imagine the Olympics would b any better

    I thought it was to protect the 'official' wifi provider and their revenue, not to reduce interference:


      Looks like SMH need to do some better fact checking

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