This Grill Serves Up The Most Stylishly Seared Steaks

If you're going to grill up a nice cut of steak, you damn well better know how to do it well. And while taste certainly matters the most, there's something to be said for presentation. This grill can help out with that.

With its geometrically-patterned surface, the Druida Barbecue by Mermeladaestudio will provide just the slightest spin on your average-looking steak by searing it with a unique set of triangles. The rest of the grill isn't bad to look at either. The design of the grill on the whole is based on the idea of druidic cauldrons, so the grill's bowl sits on a simple tripod of wooden legs. It's a nice no-nonsense design. [Mermeladaestudio via Dezeen]

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