This Full-Resolution Video Of Curiosity Landing On Mars Is As Good As It Gets

One of the biggest bummers about Curiosity's epic landing is that there was no news crew on the surface to catch footage of the descent. This full-resolution video of Curiosity touching down, from its own point of view, is the next best thing.

This isn't the first video of Curiosity's landing, but it's probably one of the best. It's the result of stringing together all the high-resolution shots the rover took on its descent to the surface -- high-resolution shots that took a lot longer to get back to Earth than the initial thumbnails. If the video seems a bit choppy, it's because Curiosity only took about four pictures per second. It might not be movie quality, but this is as close as you'll get to experience what it's like to land on Mars. [bookofjoe]


    Damn, they forgot to attach the IMAX cameras to the rover!

      They probably would have, but Christopher Nolan's Batman movies have already done enough damage to IMAX cameras, withoutbeing sent into space :)

    Just. wow.

    It's such a great thing and it was so damn exciting for us space geeks but I still like to remind people - all the scientific data ever collected on Mars by all the Landers and Rovers could have been done in less then a day by a single person with a shovel, a chemical test pouch and Mk1 Eyeball (granted a damn fine space suit and a Mobile Hab, but you know what I mean). :p

    Most boring video in the history of videos. Hey guys, there's nothing there! Unbelievable technical accomplishment though.

      We have first-person perspective footage of a rover landing on Mars and the best you can offer is "most boring video in the history of videos"... You can't be serious. What, precisely, would have impressed you? A Martian city? Perhaps some giant robots?

      FFS, what does it take to make you people happy?!!! Maybe you could land your own rover on Mars and furnish us with some more spectacular footage, sir. I can't wait to see what you come up with! Wanker.

        I've given up trying to convince them, Nige.

        Stop feeding the troll ;)

          Can we feed him into a chipper? Or perhaps the sun.

            He'd probably tell us what a waste it is to know anything about the sun. "It's hot lol"


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