This Coffee Shop Just Wants Everyone To Stop Instagram-ing Already

It didn't work in Australia, but nobody ever learns, do they? Four Barrel Coffee in San Francisco had something of a problem with loud customers being all "hipstery" and annoying the neighbours, so they posted a notice kindly asking hipsters to shut the hell up. Only a few days later, the sign had to be amended to include another forbidden act which had suddenly become popular: Instagram-ing the sign.

The whole situation is a bit absurd, and it's likely the Instagram ban is at least somewhat in jest, but Four Barrel Coffee is known for its less-than-accommodating stance towards technology. There's no outright ban on tech, but the shop refuses to offer Wi-Fi -- practically a given these days -- in hopes of keeping things low-tech and low-key.

It might not be a bad idea, considering how hellish a coffee house can be when too many people are trying to use it as an office. One thing is for sure, this Instagram "ban" is probably just going to result in a lot of pictures of that sign on Instagram.

The same problem emerged in Australia when Grill'd -- a gourmet burger joint -- imposed a social media ban while eating that was mostly designed to stop you from taking photos of your food. Unsurprisingly, most people just took photos of the notices telling you not to take photos. [TechCrunch]



    sometimes, there should be a time to stop the oversharing of what is happening in your world to your virtual friends and just share the moment to your friends who are really around you.

      I know! But it's just so difficult

    When you think of all the fads and trends embraced by "the younger generations" over the years, it is really interesting how much this kind of behaviour can annoy others. Or maybe it's just that it is something that others feel they can exert some level of control over without affecting their business. e.g. You can't expect patrons to remove their nose-rings whilst in your café, or even cover their tattoos, and it is just common sense not to allow skateboarding but this is something that it feels like you can politely ask customers not to do.

    It is equally interesting to see how sheeple respond to this kind of thing. In my experience their normal response is something along the lines of "it's a free country, I can do whatever I like". Of course, that is completely true (up to a point) but what they fail to realise is that everyone judges everyone else based on what they do so of you want to act like a douchebag, then that is precisely how everyone around you will see you. Perhaps a more effective sign would be one that lists a number of things you are perfectly free to do if you want everyone to think you're an arse-clown?

      "but what they fail to realise is that everyone judges everyone else based on what they do so if you want to act like a douchebag, then that is precisely how everyone around you will see you."

      Im pretty sure there would be a few people here that would like you to take some of your own advice ;)

    shame they didn't include "don't post on your tech-related website"

    Simple solution, just install a heap of IR lights that blind all cameras.

    I'm sorry but by not offering wifi in hopes of remaining low-tech and low-key they are playing right into the hipster wheelhouse!

    Also, you can't blame your patrons for a badly chosen business location can you?

    what is the obsession with taking pictures of everything? picture...Sign...pic....someone dieing in the street....better call an ambulance, after I take a photo

      No joke, somebody I know was taken to hospital in an ambulance and posted photos of himself inside the ambulance and posted a few status updates on how he was. I'm not friends with him on Facebook anymore.

        If that person was one of my children, I wouldn't mind those updates (as comms in hospitals can be sketchy at best).

        Just sayin' ...

    I have sometimes taken photos of the food I get at restaurants - not for putting on Facebook/Instagram but for putting on Urbanspoon and such, where people go for opinions and info about food. "When you order the Coconut Chicken Surprise, this is what you get. The potato was a little dry but the meat was delicious. Would buy again, recommended."

      Who would go to that trouble over a meal? I'll try a restaurant for myself but I wouldn't take anyone's word for it unless they were someone I know.

    So I see there are a few people here who oppose those that use - go be uncreative somewhere else.

    The word hipster has absolutely lost all meaning. It now just means 'someone that isn't you'.

      Yeah talking about 'who you fucked last night' sounds like the opposite of a hipster topic.
      A hipster would either be talking about sex acts you've never heard of, or talking about how sex is too main stream so they only sleep with fresh fruit.

    "Hipsters" are just another tribe in the fabrication of social construct. It sort of came out of nowhere and blossomed into what it is currently, and people are still having a hard time adjusting to their ways. Believe it or not this is how humans evolve, I sometimes treat each of these tribes as if it were a new developing race within the human race.

    "Hipsters" in some sense are hippies of the modern era that which they adapted to the age of information.

    I am 20 and people who will not get off their phone/camera/facebook really shit me. Just live in the moment and enjoy life, your virtual friends will still be there after you leave the cafe. The world would be a better place if these social media sites did not exist at all.

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