This Camera Is So Tiny You Could Eat It

Nikon updated its Coolpix compact camera range today, and amidst the new professional compact and the groovy, Android-powered S800c hides the Coolpix s01 -- the cutest little camera you ever did see.

When Nikon brought this out at a hands-on briefing this week, I squealed a little. You can't help but smile when you see it.

It's packing a 10.1-megapixel sensor, xenon flash, 3x optical zoom, a 2.5-inch touchscreen with a single home button on the back (to keep it simple) and it's capable of shooting video in 720p.

It won't take an SD card because there's just no room for it. Instead, it's got an internal memory of 7.8GB, which should me more than enough for a night out. That's what Nikon want you to use it for: night's out, gatherings, social occasions, etc. Places where the smartphone just won't cut it.

It weighs only 96 grams (!!) and it's smaller than a MacBook trackpad. It comes in red, pink, white, black or brown and goes on sale in late September for the comfortable price of around $199.

Of course, we recommend you don't actually eat it.



    Just me, or did anyone else think this camera was the size of a pill based on the headline?

    so, um ... how big is it then?

      precisely the size of an iphone screen. that is small.

        Soooo, its the same size as my iphone. Which takes picutures. And has a touch screen... And 32gig of memory. So, really not that small then?

          no. i wrote it's the size of an iphone screen not the size of an iphone.

            They make a 720p keyring video camera, it IS small
            I think two of them would fit on this one and as for touchscreen ..... Meh only for the needy and desperate who just have to see it now .....

    as if you couldn't fit an SD card in there at that size . it's huge still. why are they making out this thing is small? HD in cameras are useless. It's way more convenient to take an SD card out and hand it to someone without having to give the whole camera to them. this will just end up in a xmas stocking for 12yo's and then bottom of the draw a month later when realise a smart phone is still more convenient.

    Unfortunate, I want to eat it now whilst it is filming. If I can get 4 hours out of the battery I might be able to see what's going on inside me. Will need to bag it and have a light in there too.

    But turns out it isn't swallow-able. LAME

    Hmm, using other reviews that were a little more in-depth than this piece of fluff disguised as a review one sees this camera is 3.1 inches wide by 2.1 inches high by 0.7 inch thick . Considering an SD card is way under that rather large size one wonders why this reviewer thinks it's too small.

    Oh the other reviews say "Lackluster" and "Small size is the ONLY thing going for it" not that i would say 3x2 is small.


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