This Armchair Is Hiding A Bed Under Its Zipper

If you're not the kind to make guests sleep on the floor -- but hate the idea of giving up your own bed to visitors -- simply unzipping these paq chairs easily transforms them into mattresses suitable for a single sleeper.

Unlike an air mattress which has to be deflated come morning, the paq is easy to stash away since you simply roll it up around a circular cardboard suport (that doubles as a nightstand), zip it back up, and presto change-o your guest has a place to sit again. It's available in a small smattering of colours and fabrics that seem to be interchangeable, and depending on the finish the paq will set you back from $US160 to $US187. A relatively cheap way to keep your guests from sitting and sleeping on the floor -- at least the ones you like.

[paq chair via Design Milk]


    No birds with one stone. I think sleeping/sitting on the floor would be more comfortable.

      I disagree, I think they look fantastic! If I didn't already have 3 spare beds at my place, I'd seriously consider snapping up a couple of these.

      Have you ever seen anything about how Japanese people design their furniture or have you ever gone over to a Japanese persons house or authentic restaurant(I'm aware other cultures also sit on the ground though Japan seems easier to point out here).

      Sitting on the floor is fine, which you're not doing anything because there is a mat. Laying on the floor is also fine.

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