These Crystal DSLR Bookends Are The Clearest Cameras Ever

If you're a camera person, you've already got one (or several) lying around. These Crystal DSLR bookends, however, might be able to bring something new to the collection.

Made from premium grade crystal, these transparent shelf-ornaments are two thirds the size of a real-life Canon EOS 7D with Zoom Lens, but retain all the detail from the looks of it. They're available on Amazon for $US59.95. Since they're bookends, they presumably come in pairs, but the product description on the page seems off, so buyer beware. If you like cameras, have some books, and are up for a $US60 gamble though, these ought to do the trick. [7Gadgets]


    I'd guess its just a single bookend. Theres a few pictures there of it in a box which would only fit a single one.

    this is got to be the most useless 60 dollars a person will ever spend...

      False. $60 worth of tarot card readings is the most useless $60 a person will ever spend.

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