Thermometer Spatula Monitors Food Temps While You Stir

Designed for recipes that are finicky about the temperature of the ingredients -- like fudge, candies, and jams -- this silicone spatula has an internal temperature probe that helps prevent whatever you're stirring from overheating and burning.

Not surprisingly the Thermospatula is heat-resistant up to 220C and is capable of displaying temperatures in celsius or fahrenheit. And so you're not dropping $US24 on a one-trick pony, the spatula's temperature probe is removable and can be used by itself as a meat thermometer ensuring your entire meal turns out perfect -- not just dessert.

[Lakeland via The Fancy]



    that, right there, is genius! tempering chocolate with this would be an absolute breeze!

      there are few metal flat spatula equipped with thermometer made especially for tempering chocolate

        a quick google search gave me some silicon spatula but I'm pretty I have seen the metal one that look exactly like what they use in chocolatier except it's also have thermometer

          I think I prefer this version with the removable heat probe =D

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