There Is Such A Thing As DIY Molten Lava

You know what's always amazing? Lava. The power of that liquid molten burning is stunning and out of this world -- when you see it, you feel like you're getting a peek of hell. You know what's even more amazing? That people are making their own molten lava.

The DIY lava is a project from Syracuse University and it's made from chunks of basaltic rock (what's on the seafloor) that are melted and poured out to produce lava. They use commercially available crushed basalt from Wisconsin that's 1.1 billion years old and load it into a gas-fuelled, tilt furnace that's heated to 1200C for hours until it becomes soul-scorching magma.

They've performed over 100 lava flows since the start of the program and even roast marshmallows over the lava. Read about the whole lava project at Earth magazine via MAKE]

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    Liquid-hot magma.

      Uh wrong!
      "Magma is the molten material beneath the Earth’s crust."
      "When it reaches the surface and comes out of a volcano, magma becomes lava."

      So yeh its defintely lava.

        Firstly: I believe he was quoting Dr Evil from Austin Powers

        Secondly (and not your fault): I have to say it bugs me that they call the same thing different names depending on its location.

        Thirdly: By those definitions its not lava or magma, its just molten rock, because its not beneath the earth's crust and it didn't come out of a volcano (well i guess it technically did 1.1billion years ago, but i don't think that counts here).

        Throw me a fricken bone, here.

    Why do they do this?

      See the last line.

      to understand the chemistry/science/physics involved in the experiment.

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