The World's Largest Outdoor LED TV Looks Like An Autobot

A hatch opens in the ground and an enormous grey pillar begins to rise up. It rotates 270 degrees to face you head on, before the top of the pillar begins to expand outwards, revealing an enormous LED screen. This is the C'SEED by Porsche Design, and it's the world's largest outdoor LED screen.

Once the screen is fully unfolded, it measures a whopping 201-inches diagonally. It pumps the sound out of 15 speakers built into the base and it's all completely waterproof. Feel like watching a movie when mother nature turns on you? You got it. Porsche Design also says that it's daylight compatible, making for easier viewing at any time, too.

The price? A cool $US810,000.

Check out the new video (which starts off kind of like fancy porn) to see the massive LED transformer in action.

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