The Self-Adjusting Measuring Spoon For Insanely Meticulous Chefs

Baking requires considerably more precision and attention to detail than simply cooking up a meal. If you don't follow a recipe exactly, your creation just won't turn out properly. So this self-measuring spoon will either appeal to bakers who are incredibly detail-oriented, incredibly obsessive or incredibly inept in the kitchen.

If you think that an LCD-equipped spoon tethered to a computer with multiple cables is overkill, you're absolutely right. But it's overkill in the best way possible. The Smoon automatically adjusts its capacity based on measurements downloaded from the recipe you're following, while the LCD display lets you know what ingredient needs to be scooped up next.

For aspiring bakers it's better than having an executive chef as your assistant. Although, all signs point to it being extremely dishwasher unfriendly which for most of us is an instant dealbreaker. [Keita Watanabe via PCWorld]



    Cross contamination of ingredients will be a problem as well.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Surely there's an app for that!

    needs to be bluetooth enabled, dishwasher safe and about $10 so I can buy 2 or 3 of them...

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