The Science Of Music Shows Why It's A Drug That Feels So Good

AsapScience took a look at how music effects humans and it's not unlike a drug: your pupils dilate, your blood pressure rises, your brain gets into a tizzy and that all important dopamine (the thing that makes you feel good) gets released into your body. Listening to music chemically alters our body. Listening to music is a drug.

And that's awesome! I'm all for doing drugs that don't ruin your life (and though music can get addictive, it's not going to turn you into a meth head). And even though the world listens to completely different music, AsapScience says the chemical effect of music is consistent throughout all humans. We're all just a slave to that dopamine. [AsapScience via The Atlantic]


    listening to music causes natural chemical changes in our body - as do most activities we do. That's how we function.

    drugs add external chemicals that mimic/augment/impede these natural reactions.

    music is not a drug.

      I'm not sure you understand how drugs work.

    I think its "listening to music produces the same effects as if one was taking drugs"...

      Then why do people take drugs at music events?

    In a sense the reasoning is correct, if you define "drug" as "thing which causes dopamine release upon exposure". However if that's the case then running, singing, hugging, sex ... just about anything that's good for you, is also a drug.

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