The Perfect Case For Jason Bourne's 16 iPads

Just me and my 16 iPads, flying to Maui, said the one person who invented this case that simultaneously charges 16 iPads a laptop.

If every defensive starter of a football team plus the head coach and two alternates are flying to an away game with their Apple tablets and they're incredibly worried that airport security is just not going to be handling their electronics with care, Parat Solutions' InSync Transport Case is most definitely what they're using to protect their gadgets. By the way, make sure the team manager is strong, because the case weighs 17.6kg.

Great news though -- when they land in the opposing team's town, their tablets have a full charge. Angry Birds party in Tebow's room. And if the plane crashes, god forbid, this case of 'pads is going to be the only thing that survives. [Cult of Mac]


    Years back, the bank I was working at had a course run in-house by IBM and they had 2 cases like these that each held 6 laptops with a router as a mobile training lab and all the cables.

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