The Email Addresses Microsoft Should Have Kept For Itself

Microsoft launched its new Outlook email service yesterday and achieved the impossible by being bloody brilliant. Now, early adopters are swarming over usernames, and some have managed to snag email addresses that you'd think Microsoft should have kept to one side.

The Verge reports that, so far, some rather famous names have had their email addresses grabbed:

It's odd that Microsoft didn't reserve addresses like donotreply. That leads us to suspect that there must be plenty more where they came from -- so leave a comment if you've signed up with a particularly good one. [The Verge]


    4chan, specifically /g/ got a bunch of good ones.

    probably the only one that matters would have been the donotreply, and potential a few other such system/admin ones in common use.

    [email protected], why would they need to register this? Same for [email protected] I'm sure that if either of them wanted an email address, they could use an @microsoft

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