The Oatmeal’s Tesla Museum Hits Funding Target

The Oatmeal’s Tesla Museum Hits Funding Target

A few days ago, Matthew Inman — founder of The Oatmeal — started on a mission to turn Nikola Tesla’s old New York laboratory into a goddamn Tesla museum to honour the inventor. Today, that project hit its $US850,000 funding goal after less than a week on Indiegogo.

The project was Inman’s way to help out a non-profit that wanted to buy Tesla’s old lab and turn it into a museum. The problem was that they needed $US1.7 million to buy the property and New York state only ponied up half of what was required for the facility.

Inman took it upon himself to raise the other $US850k, and after a few days, that target was reached by the same community that raised money to screw over a legal troll.

Well played, Inman and anyone who donated.

The project still has 39 days to go, so if you want to continue to donate to make the Tesla museum awesome, you can.

If you don’t know why Nikola Tesla deserves to be celebrated, go and read this amazing reminder from The Oatmeal.