The Oatmeal Is Raising Funds To Save Tesla Tower

We’re fans of The Oatmeal and its hijinks, but funny is not all it does. Site creator Matthew Inman also has a bit of philanthropy up his sleeve too, and he fancies saving the Tesla Tower to turn it into a goddamn museum.

The main goal of the fundraiser, dubbed “Operation Let’s Build a Goddamn Tesla Museum“, is to convert Wardenclyffe, Tesla’s laboratory in Shoreham, New York, into a museum and science centre honouring the Serbian-American inventor. The tower was originally designed to transmit free wireless energy to the world, but Tesla unfortunately lost funding before the whole thing was completed.

Wardenclyffe itself was demolished in 1917, but the land, lab and foundation beneath it still exists. The tower itself recently went up for sale, and a local non-profit group, the Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe, is trying to raise up the funds to buy the property. Which is quite a pricey $US1.6 million. The group has received a matching grant from New York State for $US850,000 meaning they only need to raise another $US850k to total funds to $US1.7m, but there is currently another offer on the table from someone who wants to buy the land, potentially tear down the lab and build a retail establishment on top. Now that doesn’t sound too good.

This is where dear readers of The Oatmeal and fans of science can come together and pitch in to save the tower, and if they can outbid the other person and buy the land, it will then be permanently protected as a historic site and eventually be converted into an awesome Nikola Tesla Museum. Rad.

What do you reckon of the whole idea? Think it’s worth saving? Or do you fancy something like an Apple store being built on top? Zing us your comments below. [The Oatmeal via Mashable]

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    *Puts tinfoil hat on*
    I still believe that the US didnt want Telsa to ever complete that project. As long as he did, the power industry would never be and alot of people wouldnt have made alot of money.

      Tesla* zzzz morning coffee needs to kick in.

      What do you mean think.

      That's always why it was cancelled.

      The reason why is that the guy funding tesla's tower realized he couldn't meter the power so he pulled out.

    I hope you donated gizmodo. I donated, and you have more money than me.

    i want charles carreon to try and shut this down, simply so the world can see again what a douche he is

    What's the difference between a regular museum and a goddamn museum?

      if you don't already know that, no admittance.

    Why can't they do both? I know that in Melbourne that the built a shopping centre around a historical building.

      Uh yeah, and opened an R.M Williams in it!

    What worked in each of the world's range of pyramids could never work in achieving Tesla's revolutionary development, or could it?!

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