The New Yorker Magazine: The Old Faithful Mag Lands On The iPhone

The New Yorker has been on the iPad since 2010, and now the same publication you know and love is available on the iPhone.

What does it do?

Conveniently delivers your read your favourite print mag in an iPhone-sized package.

Why do we like it?

On your iPhone, you get all the New Yorker content you expect plus some extras like videos, audio and the wonderful cartoon gallery. Added bonus: a debut video featuring Lena Dunham and John Hamm, where the Girls writer/actress explains how to use it. Although you don't really need any instructions. If you aren't quite convinced, you don't have to drop money on it yet — the first issue is free.

New Yorker for iPhone

Download this app for: iPhone, Subscription The best: free first issue The worst: back issues don't have iPhone support

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