The New SkyDrive Looks Totally Beautiful And Great

SkyDrive got a makeover, just like Outlook. The new Metro "modern design" SkyDrive is going live today, according to Microsoft's Inside Skydrive blog. It looks great.

In addition to the design update, Microsoft also updated the apps for Windows and OS X to full release (they had been previews until now), released an Android app, and added an API for developers to use any SkyDrive file in their apps. The rollout will take a few hours globally, so we haven't gotten hands-on with it yet, but we'll let you know if there's anything else tucked away in there once we do.

The new unified Microsoft experience is a drastic change, and not everyone's going to come along quietly. But whatever you think about these "modern design" changes, you can't argue they aren't pretty. Or at least, a hell of a lot prettier than what we had before. [Windows Steam Blog]


    Good to see this is flowing out.

    Think Microsoft.

      Errr.... thats a crap slogan.

      Same reason 'make.believe' is a garbage slogan too....

        I like "freedom from power" myself...

    Just checked my Skydrive and it looks awesome. Glad I switched from Box and Dropbox to Skydrive now.

    Hmm... happened to be in Skydrive and then it borked on me an hour or so ago. Will have to check this out soon as I do like the Metro aesthetic.

    I actually preferred the old Hotmail-style Skydrive webapp to the Win8 app - in Win8 you just can't do as much stuff as in the Hotmail-style interface. Hoping they don't remove any functionality!

    It's just like the SkyDrive app in Win8, which is severely lacking in features at the moment (you can't share anything from the app). Hopefully the final version of the app will have all the features that the new on-line version has. I signed up for Dropbox but I've never used it. I still have a free account but I only use it for large downloads from my band's site, to minimise bandwidth there. SkyDrive is great for work-related stuff; I can put previews up for clients to see very easily.

    Have they updated calendar yet? Feels really disjointed going from my inbox to schedule at the moment.

    Only the Mail and Contacts have updated for me, Calendar and Skydrive still remain unchanged.

    Must be still rolling out, I've still got the old interface.

      I didn't get the hotmail update until a day after the article. It's a server per server operation I think.

    Woo! I also switched to SkyDrive when it was still 20GB free :) Loving it. Very handy

    Here's a funny - the new SkyDrive doesn't work in the Metro version of IE10. I was trying to get into a folder this morning to share something and I couldn't get past the first screen. Everything works perfectly in the desktop IE10, though.

    Another funny is that using your browser for both Hotmail and SkyDrive is vastly superior to using the Metro apps. To be fair, the apps are "preview" versions and if the final versions mimic the functionality of the new web pages, they'll be great. Right now, though, they lack a lot of features and. most importantly, an easy way to switch between them or use them interactively.

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