The New SkyDrive Looks Totally Beautiful And Great

SkyDrive got a makeover, just like Outlook. The new Metro "modern design" SkyDrive is going live today, according to Microsoft's Inside Skydrive blog. It looks great.

In addition to the design update, Microsoft also updated the apps for Windows and OS X to full release (they had been previews until now), released an Android app, and added an API for developers to use any SkyDrive file in their apps. The rollout will take a few hours globally, so we haven't gotten hands-on with it yet, but we'll let you know if there's anything else tucked away in there once we do.

The new unified Microsoft experience is a drastic change, and not everyone's going to come along quietly. But whatever you think about these "modern design" changes, you can't argue they aren't pretty. Or at least, a hell of a lot prettier than what we had before. [Windows Steam Blog]

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