The Mars Curiosity LMFAO Parody Is Perfect

I'll admit it: the "musical" headdesk that is I'm Sexy And I Know It by LMFAO is one of my guilty pleasures, so naturally, my ears pricked up when I was sent this NASA/Mars Curiosity rover parody. It doesn't disappoint, either.

We're shown everything in this awesome video, from Jet Propulsion Lab staffers breakdancing, right through to the Curiosity rover getting down and funky. It's a must watch.

Thanks Jess for sending this our way! [Mashable]


    Oh my god that is horrific!

    I pray the Lord to see the Mars mission is a success one. It will definetely useful to the man kind. We can also learn about the life (if any) from that plannet. I salute all the technicians who made this mission possible.

    Lol. Thanks for the laugh

    The video needed more of that chic in the bikini dancing around.

    Earth Is The True Planet Of War, Not Mars (Curiosity Rover)

    That was rubbish. Amazing to see what passes for talent these days.

      Talent? Nobody implied anything about talent. Those guys were living life and having some fun after what must've been the most stressful mission so far.

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