The Galaxy Note 10.1 Ad Couldn't Be More Perfect

We don't know when Samsung's Galaxy Note 10.1 is going to be out in Australia, but the ad for the product is out in the US, and it features movie star James Franco big-noting himself for three minutes while using the new Samsung tablet. It's uncomfortable viewing to be sure, but it all makes perfect sense at the end of the ad.

Samsung's tagline for the Galaxy Note 10.1? "The Ultimate Tool For The Ultimate Multitakser". That couldn't be more perfect. James Franco spends almost three minutes being the ultimate tool to demonstrate the multi-talented Galaxy Note 10.1.

We don't know if the tablet is the ultimate multitasker yet, only a hands-on review will tell us that, but I do know that James Franco is the wrong man to rep your product if this is what he comes up with.

Surely, the ad is meant to be ironic, but it just comes off as smug and arrogant.

What do you think?



    Perfectly bad?

      More like "The Ultimate Tool's Tool".

    Just as well they didnt do a guy in a suit on a white background. I believe that is patented.

    I just keep chuckling seeing the stylus. At AngelHack CA there was a sponsored prize from Samsung for most innovative use of a stylus - not a single team wanted to use it so they awkwardly announced they were 'keeping the prize for the next event'.

      I get what you mean, but that thing is for drawing... programming types aren't always to aware of the possibilities in that direction unfortunately.
      For the rest that go on about the "oh why would you ever want a stylus", that's like a celibate monk wondering why men have a penis- ie.if you don't draw, be quiet.

      Hand written notes on the side of pdf s are pretty handy.

      The number of people I've seen commuting on the train each day using an aftermarket stylus on their tablets is pretty huge. Just goes to show that once you get past the whole "OMG, your tablet/phone/device still uses a stylus?!" nonsense, it's actually a really handy feature to have.

      The stylus USED to be necessary, now it's an added convenience for occasional use.

    That could not suck more.

    "smug and arrogant"? We all know that's the house style of a certain other tech company... and it works extremely well for them. Doesn't bode well for Sammy's case for originality though.

      The only “smug and arrogant” I see is in the article. The tablet came across as something worth having because it will be useful and not because an (Apple) ad tells me I won't be cool if I don't have one.

      I'd have to second the opinion that the "irony" here is pretty dry ... I might have walked away from an Apple commercial tasting smugness, but never have I tasted asshole.

    Maybe they chose James Franco because he is 'The ultimate tool...' but he is also '...the ultimate multi-tasker' ;)

    that was awesome AND useful said no-one who watched it.

    It's bad ad season for Technology...

    Almost as bad as the reviews ...

    Looks like its the perfect market, for smug idiots who think they have something to prove, or complete wankers... typical for a samsung product.. tries too hard and succeeds at nothing!

      Wow man, you really need to calm down. Its just a tablet...

    One of those Math guys......

    OK, watched it all the way through, it doesn't come off as being smug and arrogant. It's a bit long tough and could just as easily be an ipad ad.
    All I care about is the drawing ability and with the pen that's the feature that sets this apart from the rest. The ad didn't play that up enough.
    I know it's about multitasking, but it didn't really explain that well either, not even symbolically.
    But it wasn't smug or arrogant.

    He needs a new toaster, in there for 3 minutes and comes out white?

    I would never have presumed Gizmo writers to have an ounce of intelligence - let alone the ability to comprehend irony - but you've just proved it spectacularly.

    "Surely, the ad is meant to be ironic, but it just comes off as smug and arrogant."

    Ummmm... "surely"?? How stupid are you people? I guess Galaxy Note is positioning itself for people with a brain that works.

    I didn't get smug and arrogant from it, either. Confident, sure, but I doubt he wrote it himself. It's actually a pretty good ad, in that the product is there the whole time but it's mostly just a prop, not the centre of attention, which goes to showing that it is an unobtrusive but central part of his (and by extension your own) life. It is certainly the first tablet ad that has made me think that a tablet might be a useful thing.

    What a crap ad. I seriously hope Luke was being sarcastic about how good it was.

    Ahh I see grab visits with a misleading title.

    I think you have missed the point of the ad.

    I liked the Ad. I think it got the point across in a fun way. I think some people need to lighten up.

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