The Galaxy Note 10.1 Ad Couldn’t Be More Perfect

The Galaxy Note 10.1 Ad Couldn’t Be More Perfect

We don’t know when Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1 is going to be out in Australia, but the ad for the product is out in the US, and it features movie star James Franco big-noting himself for three minutes while using the new Samsung tablet. It’s uncomfortable viewing to be sure, but it all makes perfect sense at the end of the ad.

Samsung’s tagline for the Galaxy Note 10.1? “The Ultimate Tool For The Ultimate Multitakser”. That couldn’t be more perfect. James Franco spends almost three minutes being the ultimate tool to demonstrate the multi-talented Galaxy Note 10.1.

We don’t know if the tablet is the ultimate multitasker yet, only a hands-on review will tell us that, but I do know that James Franco is the wrong man to rep your product if this is what he comes up with.

Surely, the ad is meant to be ironic, but it just comes off as smug and arrogant.

What do you think?