The FBI Thought Kim Dotcom Had A 'Doomsday' Device That Could Wipe All Evidence Of Piracy

Do you know how the FBI justified the insane raid of Kim Dotcom's mansion? By saying that it suspected that Kim Dotcom had a 'doomsday' device that could "wipe out evidence of internet piracy around the world." No, seriously.

Grant Wormald, the detective inspector who oversaw the operation for the organised and Financial Crime Agency (Ofcanz) said he was told by the FBI that Dotcom "carried a device with him to delete servers around the world". Apparently, the "Doomsday" delete-all-servers device could have been triggered "in seconds" from any computer or phone on the property. Of course, no device was ever found in the raid but that didn't stop the feds from sending choppers and a crapton of officers more fit for a drug kingpin than an online pirate. [NZ Herald via BGR]


    What is this, the 1980s where there thought a phone phreaker could use a telephone to start world war three?

    This may go against the FBI because it could easily be claimed that if they believed that this was possible, then their understanding of ANY evidence involving computers (and not just in this case) and their operation, networking, file differentiations (as in, it will delete only pirated files and nothing else), could all be called into question.

    Not to mention that if someone like him could come up with that, then why haven't cyber-terrorists come up with a similar device to delete valuable data, or steal it (because if you have the capability to delete something, then you have the ability to access it)? Oh right, because such a device can't exist.

      +1 On your 1980's view of the world - I guess it really has taken some time for a few critical but key sundry events for the case to fall apart. So much time that history is being re-written from the FBI and NZ Police point of views. ; )

      You can't half tell from the delay and smell of recent news that some serious covert butt covering is going on.

      First the NZ Courts throw the case out - Whoops! Then the NZ police release footage of the raid trying very hard to justify their actions - they must have mistaken Dotcom for Austin Power's "Fat Bastard" character!

      And now the FBI invent a story long after the event that a "Dotcom Data-Armageddon device" possibly existed.

      I have to ask who were the real Fat Bastards?!

      'doomsday device' implies some kind of explosive or otherwise destructive effort which I'm sure they used just to justify the raid, but in reality couldn't he have had some kind of program on an iphone which would send instructions through the net to his servers to make them erase all their content?

        Not unless there was a mechanism in place to physically destroy the HDDs after the wipe. Police computer phorensic departments are easily able to recover files from wiped drives. Having talked to a guy who does that kind of thing for a living, they have the most difficult time with bent disks.

        The physical destruction of the disks would be the only thing that would prevent the data from being recovered. Something like thermite melting the disks would be the most effective way of doing this.

          BS! After the file is deleted, you write zeros to the sectors it used to occupy (in the case of hard disks). The file is impossible to recover after that.

            you have to do a low level format (write zeros) 7 times or more to comply with DOD standards for safe deletion. that could take hours.

            I've read that there is a residual echo of the original data contained between the tracks and this is what can sometimes be extracted after a drive has been zeroed. Basically like a magnetic bleed inbetween tracks. Not sure how accurate that is but its what I remember from years ago.

    The FBI just wanted theirs back.

      I could have written “Dotcom Data-Doomsday Device”, but unfortunately there were no Scottish accented rolling Ahhrrr's in that alliteration.

    Next they'll say they believed he had weapons of mass destruction...

    I watched a doco on TV the other night where a BBC journalist interviewed rich people in LA. The people were willing if not happy to admit that made their millions dealing in drugs and continue to deal. Drugs cause so much misery (from the thefts to support it, to the lives it destroys). Kimgpin possibly helped facilitate copyright infringement in an industry that is currently recording strong growth. At its worst copyright infringement means that the industry makes a little less money that it possibly could.

    I justify this method, US of A could and should just came to someones else door, be it not their jurisdiction nor law, break into someones house or country and secure them potential threat

    % sudo rm -rf /

    - Job done!

    So all he had to do was press a button and every server in the world with a pirated file on it would be wiped. Right. Makes total sense.

    Who's training these FBI agents anyway? Tony Abbott? J. Edgar would not be proud.

      Actually, he probably would.
      He had people deported for crimes he had no evidence to connect them with, under false pretenses.
      He started investigations about nothing, repeatedly.
      Charles Spry, the Menzies-era head of ASIO could have learned much from him, at times.
      Edgar at least got to the Mob sometimes. The rest of the time he was busy violating the US constitution and bill of rights, and being terrified of anarchists, communists, socialists, soviets and people of colour.

    Doomsday device?I wanna see Kim Dotcom as in the next Bond movie as the super villain.

      Yes, yes YES!

    When someone doesn't have a legitimate reason for what they did this is the kind of bullshit they come up with.

    hahahahahahaha... wow. just wow.

    The U.S. starts everything with a lie

    "you damn young whipper snappers and your internet dooms day devices"....seriously, how old are the people who make this shit up,70+ years old?

    well, worked for iraq.....but fool us once, shame on on you. Fool us.....we can't get fooled again. :) They misunderestimated us.

    FBI--Fabrication Bureau International. They justify their existence buy creating terrorist plots so they can arrest some morons who get suckered into them then parade them in the media as proof that they are prevdenting terrorism. In more than a few peoples' view the government's bloated security agencies are the real terrorists eroding our rights and invading our privacy.
    btw: this Kim character, being a very rich man and no doubt trying to stay rich and get richer, would have had as many high power lawyers as he could possibly need to guide his business within the law. You may think his business unethical but you could say that about many other businesses as well.

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