The FBI Thought Kim Dotcom Had A 'Doomsday' Device That Could Wipe All Evidence Of Piracy

Do you know how the FBI justified the insane raid of Kim Dotcom's mansion? By saying that it suspected that Kim Dotcom had a 'doomsday' device that could "wipe out evidence of internet piracy around the world." No, seriously.

Grant Wormald, the detective inspector who oversaw the operation for the organised and Financial Crime Agency (Ofcanz) said he was told by the FBI that Dotcom "carried a device with him to delete servers around the world". Apparently, the "Doomsday" delete-all-servers device could have been triggered "in seconds" from any computer or phone on the property. Of course, no device was ever found in the raid but that didn't stop the feds from sending choppers and a crapton of officers more fit for a drug kingpin than an online pirate. [NZ Herald via BGR]

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