The Crazy Things The TSA Found In 2012: Chainsaws, Cannonballs, Mace And More

A week in the life of the TSA is already ridiculously productive. What about seven months? The TSA published a 2012 year to date report to reveal what the apocalypse year has brought through airport security and it's a doozy of bizarre weapons. Things like guns and bombs aren't enough anymore, the TSA finds grenade launchers, venomous snakes, gassed up chainsaws and more.

It's really shocking what the travelling idiots of the world carry around with them in their carry-on luggage. From January to July 2012, the TSA found 821 guns (691 loaded with 210 locked and loaded) in carry-on luggage at 160 different airports. That's four firearms on a typical day! People were getting creative too, do you remember the disassembled guns hidden in stuffed animals?

But honestly, guns are the boring, run-of-the-mill stuff. Here's a list of the crazy (not all of 'em are dangerous):

  • live 40mm high explosive grenade
  • a bottle wrapped in black electrical tape and filled with flash powder
  • an explosively-viable cannonball
  • a live blasting cap.
  • M147 firing device with blasting cap taped to it
  • training claymore mines
  • warheads
  • 60mm mortar round
  • a bazooka round
  • bear mace in a sock
  • a knife mounted on a walker
  • a spear gun
  • a gun in a hollowed out book
  • eels
  • dead venomous snakes
  • a gassed up chainsaw
  • a grenade launcher
  • a chastity belt
  • Of course, there's more. A hell of a lot more. People, stop being crazy, please. [TSA]


    whats wrong with the chastity belt??

      It stopped the TSA touching people inappropriately.

        I was going to ask the same thing but you seem to have a pretty good answer for it.

        Gave me a good laugh!

    Exactly what is an explosively-viable cannonball?

      A cannonball filled with explosive that can actually explode?

    Why the hell would you need a chainsaw on a plane??

    Oh dear a tree just grew up in this plane and is blocking the exit. Lucky I brought my chainsaw along.

    Wow some people are nuts

      Most of the stuff a person takes on board is not for use on board. It's just passing through. They could have been a fly-in/fly-out lumberjack! Still a dumb idea though, but hey, would you argue with a lumberjack?

        they wouldn't need a chansaw for that, that's what pokemon are for.

    Could be propaganda to make them seem relevant.... just sayin

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