The Avengers Gag Reel Makes For Incredible Viewing

This is why people shouldn't pirate: there are even more amazing bonus features like this gag reel on the upcoming The Avengers home release...

Update: Looks like the video has been taken down by Disney. Oh well. We'll repost it if we find it again.

The best part comes near the end when Thor struggles to catch his hammer. Oh Lord. I'm in stitches. [io9].


    that was soo funny :-) Thanks

    yeah but, that's not the movie. It's the movie we want.
    just a bloopers vid, pretty sure they dont rate on telly any more either.

    Classic post.

    I buy all the Movies I like anyway, I just like having it on the shelf. But I also have MKV copy as it's so much easier playing it of my Media server.

    It wasn't that funny, except for the very last shot. I must assume the rest was just the set-up.

      Ugh, I can't believe I'm agreeing with MotorMouth.

      But yeah, that was a pretty average gag reel.

    yeah pretty lame.

    You do realise you can pirate bonus features too, right?

    Oh man it's gone :( time to cut myself

    still up here.

    Am i the only one shocked that youtube swears ?

    This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Disney.
    Sorry about that

    Huh they deleted my comment about the OP's stupid reference to showing us pirated material while stating pirates would never see it, got something to hide giz, ashamed of your incompetence?

    It might be worth updating this article to say that people might as well pirate, since the Australian release doesn't have all the special features!
    Marvel removed the making of and Whedon's commentary from the Australian release!
    WTF Marvel, W.T.F? :-(

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