Tentacles And Wrist-cuffs And Floggers, Oh My! A Tour Of Kink.com's Adult Film Studio

The Armory, a 200,000 square-foot reproduction Moorish castle, lies at the corner of 14th and Mission Streets in San Francisco. A combination of revivalist architecture and early 20th century machine age construction, it is currently home to Kink.com's adult film studio.

Rusty Blazenhoff of Laughing Squid was kind enough to share with Gizmodo photos she took during a recent tour of The Armory.

Click through for a tour...

Images courtesy Rusty Blazenhoff/LaughingSquid

The Armory, home to Kink.com, an adult film studio producing fetish and BDSM material.


Tentacle props, penetrative glass wands, and more...

A tongue-flicking chainsaw.

Wrist and ankle shackles.[associate

A dining table custom-built with bondage restraints.

Bondage rope.

Floggers and whips.

Ultimate Surrender wrestling set.

Roman Baths set.



    Their stuff is pretty heavy duty like an industrial enema. I always thought the building it was in Russia or Eastern Europe somewhere. Then again I dont have the volume up to know what language they are speaking so I dont disturb my mum or have her think I'm some kind of weirdo.

    I know its a given, but Surely you need to put a NSFW warning in here.

    Site's great, Lots of daddy issues with these girls....

      Or maybe just kink-inclined women exploring the kinky side of sexuality. Not everyone who enjoys a spanking has issues...

        This. Holy god, this. Seriously, the fact that I like being thrown around a little doesn't make me a basketcase.

        If I had a dollar for the number of times I've tried to have a rational discussion with a partner about what I'd like them to do with/to me and have had them reply with the equivalent of, "lol daddy issues amirite", I'd be...well, I'd be posting this comment from my yacht.

          This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

            ...I imagine I should be glad that this comment has been deleted and that I cannot read it, based on the avatar.

              I can't remember what I wrote (If giz was nice ,they'll remind me in an email so I know better next time). Which means I probably blanked out and my alter ego took over. What's wrong with my avatar anyway? It's a terminator smiley, cool as!... Sorry I attempted to offend you anyway.

                Your avatar doesn't look like a terminator smiley from my screen, it looks like...well, I don't actually know, it's a little too small to tell. At the time, I took it to be creepy. Anyway, potential apology accepted - I have no idea what you said, either! Let's pretend nothing happened, because today, something landed on Mars, and that's a pretty amazing thing, shackles or no.

                  True that, plus your name is important to Wollongong and also is the name of a dingo pup I used to look after.

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