Teen Speed-Texting Champion Does It Drrrty

17-year-old Justin Bieber lookalike Austin Wierschke is $US50,000 richer today, thanks to his speedy-quick thumbs and unfailingly accurate dexterity. He's a two-time prize-winning SMS champion who undeniably deserves large piles of cash.

The eight-round competition, held in New York City's Times Square, tested for three factors: speed, accuracy and dexterity. All 11 competitors were given extra challenges, like texting while blindfolded or texting with their hands behind their back.

Is this as ridiculous a contest as a kiddie beauty pageant? I don't know. Here's a better question: What will Austin do with his prize money? Surely this kid has an unlimited text plan on his phone contract, and that only accounts for a teensy fraction of the loot.

A quick shuffle through his Twitter account pulled up this glowing example of Austin's prize-worthy (NSFW) texting skillz. Artfully crafted emoji, Austin, A+! [AP]

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