Syrian Rebel Texts With One Hand, Shoots With The Other

Sometimes, you just have to send that text message. This Syrian rebel, photographed by C.J. Chivers, seems to be in that position.

According to Chivers, mobile phone services continue to reach the Syrian countryside, despite the war. The fighters apparently spend a lot of time texting and trying to figure out how to recharge their phones.

Is this better or worse than texting while driving? [THE GUN. via @erinmcunningham]



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    Would have thought this would give away your current location

      LOL, hope he turned off location services !! It would help save battery life as well, no one likes a dead phone when the lead is flying.

      Do LMG's come with a USB charger attachment? haha

    "Aw mom. I'm playing Battlefield 3 with my mates"

    Hopefully he doesn't get "SMS Rage" and decide to let off a few stray shots

    SMS to his wife. "Darling, I'm busy saving Syria, will be home late for dinner. Please go ahead without me"

    Rebels multitasking. Who would've thought. Just hope he aims right though.

    *awaits call of duty player to comment the photos reversed*

    "I just got a headshot from 400 yards with a machine gun, LOLZ!"

    I love everything about this photo. Actually, the only thing to make it better would be if he was actaully firing while texting...

    Good to see he doesn't believe in Texting while driving. Hate to see what he can do while sleeping?

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