Steady Wobbly Tables With Wads Of Fake Cash

It's probably not that much of a stretch to assume that the 1 per cent use wads of rolled up one hundred dollar bills to steady tables. You use what you have on hand, right? For the rest of us who only aspire to one day control a vast majority of the world's wealth, these fake PVC bank notes basically do the same thing.

Available in 100 US dollars, 100 euros and 500 euros options, they're just a folded piece of PVC that has been printed to look like actual currency. But instead of trading them for goods and services, you temporarily trade them for a stable place to dine. And if you can find a bank teller or shopkeeper gullible enough, you might be able to parlay this $US18 investment into a wad of real cash.

[Yeople via I New Idea Homepage]

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