Stackable Timelapse Ticker Quickly Captures Perfect Panoramas

Almost every camera and cameraphone has the option of taking extra-wide panoramic photos by stitching multiple shots together. But for decent results you either need a sniper's skills, or something like this simple rotating Camalapse mount to precisely move the camera for you.

It's basically nothing more than a simple egg timer with a tripod mount on top. In fact, the previous version looked exactly like an egg, but this updated design has a distinct advantage.

The Camalapse makes a single full rotation in exactly one hour, which is great for capturing panning timelapse videos or panoramic photos, but only if you've got a safe place to plop your camera and plenty of time to kill. So the new design lets you stack multiple Camalapses together to speed things up. For best results you'll probably want to pair it with a smartphone running a fairly intelligent automated stitching app, but for $US25 it's a simple solution that does its thing without every needing a recharge or a new battery.

[Photojojo Store via Wired]



    $15 local.

    It might need to be modified a tad, as I found when doing really close up panoramas using Photosynth (pretty darn awesome free app) that the camera needed to be rotated about the camera lens for the stitching to work well.

    That was an extreme scenario though, and for making panoramas of stuff more than a couple of metres away it shouldn't matter I don't think.

      It's called parallax error, and its cause the camera is not rotating around the nodal point in the image focus system. In most cameras, this is near the point where the camera and the lens attach. Unfortunately, its also never where the tripod mount is. You need to be really careful of it if you also tilt vertically.

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