Soy Sauce Ice Cream Is The Worst Idea Ever

Even if it’s for a good cause, what would possess you to invent soy sauce ice cream? I guess the Japanese must like it, or at least one confectionary company hopes so. Proceeds from its latest potentially disgusting flavour go towards reconstruction of Rikuzentakata city, which was totally flattened by the tsunami.

Disguised as vanilla in colour, the “well-balanced, salty, yet sweet, ice cream” is the creation of confectioner, Hirota, teamed up with the Yamani Soy Sauce co, which is based in the ruined city in the north of Japan.

A portion of the interesting new flavour will set you back just over £2, but you’ll have to fly over to Japan to get it. Hopefully, this’ll be one thing that doesn’t make it over to the UK from the land of strangeness and technology — I wouldn’t want to bite into a scoop of delicious vanilla only to discover disgusting-sounding soy sauce flavour in its stead. [Reuters]

Image credit: Soy Sauce from Shutterstock

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    I ate soy sauce soft serve in Aichi prefecture last June. It's pretty common in Japan and it actually tastes great. You wouldn't know it was soy sauce by taste alone necessarily.

    yeah, I'm with Darcy. Don't knock it 'til you try it. :) Also, remember that soys sauce in Japan can taste heaps better than in Oz - even if it sez something japanese on the bottle.

    I had sea salt icecream on a trip around the inland sea and it was indescribably great. Makes me want to go back right now!

    Not really all that different from flavours like salted caramel or green tea in concept. I don't see the problem if you get the sweet and salty flavours right.

    Also, as noted above, Japanese soy sauce has a different (sweeter and less salty) flavour profile compared to Chinese or Indonesian soy, as wheat is often the main ingredient in Japanese soy sauces, rather than soy.

    Salt actually accents the sweet to a certain degree, if you look most ice creams actually contain a small amount of salt.

    Being Chinese though, they should make Maggi sauce flavored ice cream it will be a hit, we put it on everything. :-)

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