Sony NEX-5R Gets Australian Price

Sony has been releasing new, tweaked versions of its NEX cameras every year to impressive results. Today we get our first look at the Sony NEX-5R -- the follow-up to last year's NEX-5N, which is one beast of a mirrorless camera. The new shooter introduces a new "Fast Hybrid" autofocus system, Wi-Fi connectivity, and a new programmable dial and multi-function button. Giz can bring you exclusive Australian pricing details.

The new sensor-based 99-point autofocus system uses both contrast and phase detection to quickly zero in on a subject as quickly as possible.

Wi-Fi connectivity has been added, so you'll be able to transfer photos directly to your smartphone or tablet using Sony's PlayMemories Mobile app available for both iOS and Android. Sony is also introducing PlayMemories Camera Apps, which are new functions that you'll be able to download and install onto your camera. From the sound of names like "Picture Effect+" and "Bracket Pro", the apps will fall somewhere between your favourite smartphone camera app and the gimmicky functions that come pre-installed on all cameras these days.

The new programmable inputs add to the camera's flexibility -- that makes the cameras more like the button-packed DSLRs that mirrorless cameras aim to replace.

Otherwise, the specs of the NEX-5N are identical to those of last year's NEX-5N: a 16-megapixel APS-C sensor, and HD video recording at up to 1080x1080 at 60 frames per second. And, of course, a lovely touchscreen that makes navigating menues and changing settings a piece of cake.

The NEX-5R will come in three kits: the body-only kit will cost $799, a single-lens kit (with an 18-55mm lens) will cost $999, while the twin-lens kit (18-55mm and 55-210mm) will cost you $1299. [Sony and Sony]



    Looks interesting.

    Early or late October...?

      Just updated the story with local release date. Sony have said November for Australia. Pricing coming soon.

    "...contract and phase detection..." Pretty interesting! Does the camera ask the scene to sign and agree on the focal point?

    There might be a typo in the last paragraph, I think you mean the NEX-5R.

    I love my NEX-5N. I have not used my point and shoot or my SLR since I bought it - the NEX-5N does everything I need and is small enough (with the small lens) to fit in my handbag.

    Note how the plan view and side view are without a lens. and the front view is with a lens. I wonder why?

    "The NEX-5N will come in three kits: the body-only kit will cost $799" - typo? NEX-5R ?

    Looks good but I'm still holding out for the NEX 6 announcement on September 12th. Was hoping to pick up the 6 before Christmas, but if Aus release of the 5R is delayed until November then I'm not so confident the 6 will be available in time. :-(

    Bring out the news of the new lenses!!!

    Doesn't 5R use a different sensor from 5N, does it? though it still uses 16mp aps-c of course. That's what I know.

    Any word on image stabilization on the lenses?

    Will it be available in white? I really want one but the black is so ugly..

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