Sony's New GoPro Killer Might Be The Most Badass Action Cam We've Ever Seen [Updated]

Sony might just have one-upped every other action camera out there by jamming the best features of all into an 85g package -- battery included. The new Sony Action Cam's billboard feature is HD video recording at 1280x720, 60 or 120 fps (for slow motion) or 1920x1080 at 30 fps.

Under the hood, the camera sports a 16-megapixel Exmor R CMOS sensor and a 170-degree Carl Zeiss Tessar lens. The new camera will be available in a Wi-Fi version for $399. More details on that in a minute.

Like other action cameras, Sony will be producing accessories that allow you to mount the camera to yourself in a variety of extreme sporting situations. A bike mount, a waterproof headstrap and an angle adaptor will all be available soon for under $US30 a pop.

The Action Cam ships with its own waterproof case, which will protect it in up to 60 metres of water.

Because of the built-in Wi-Fi, you can also pair your ActionCam with a Sony Xperia smartphone to view your captured movies and upload them to your relevant internets, and you can even stream video to your smartphone to frame up a shot.

All that fun is going to be packaged in, locally, with Australia set to get the Action Cam in a bundle that will set you back $399. The bundle is set to include:

• Sony Action Cam (with Wi-Fi) • Waterproof housing • 2 x NPBX1 batteries (good for 280 minutes record time) • Battery charger • 4GB microSD card • Quick release buckle • Flat and Adhesive mounts • Universal mount adaptor.

It's going to be available to purchase from Sony's online store, authorised resellers and Sony Centres around the country from 1 October.

Can bundling big features into a smaller package make up for the competition's headstart? We'll have to wait and see. [Sony]



    I'm getting this for my trip next year for sure .

      I will get one for my UFO craft flying and recording in the air. Hope Sony Singapore can ship intovSingapore

    Definitely keen to see some test video from this.

    Look awesome, just needs gps so you can see your speed :)

    terrible product review gizmodo- send someone over to spain and throw them in front of the running bulls with this strapped to their head- and put the footage taken up!!!

    If only it was waterproof without the extra case, this would be perfect....

    Looks like Contour....needs GPS

    Needs a rotatable lens so you can have the footage straight, and if mounting on top of the helmet and can be laid down, less conspicuous.

    JVC have a new action cam on the way too (Addixxion is some rubbish name) which has more features built in I think. Hopefully these two come out at the same time and we'll see some comparison reviews.

    You guys forgot to mention it has in-built WiFi and you can get an app that'll allow you to see what the sensor is seeing on your phone - wonderful for positioning.

      "The new camera will be available in a Wi-Fi version for $399"

        Oops. That'll learn me not to read - but more mentioning the app is good. No more guessing like with GoPros.

          Don't read or do research, GoPro's have attachable LCD's screens which this doesn't and over the next few months the wifi units will hit aussie shores...

      "...and you can even stream video to your smartphone to frame up a shot."

      Reading. Try it you should.

    Damn it, I just bought my GoPro HERO2.

      Don't worry the GoPro 2 is still awesome. Filming in HD, wifi is pretty much useless, except for positioning.

    You should try the ego from liquid image over at great little device with built in WIFI for under $250 might just be the GOPRO killer your looking for. i have a few HERO 2 cameras but im looking to switch for the main reason that GOPROs WIFI Backpac's are taking ages.

      WiFi backpacks are out

      The delay in the wifi units was aussie certification... apparently

    I have been keeping an eye out from a good action camera that wasnt a gopro/contour i think i have found it

    I would definitely suggest to anyone to wait for someone to upload a video to youtube etc.
    I'm willing to bet it will capture quality video but terrible sound. I had a vholdr (looks identical to this one) and wind noise ruined any chance of capturing sound while moving at any speed really.

      I'd be very inclined to agree.
      With mics sitting right there at the front, any forward movement is likely to result in a lot of wind noise rather than actual sound.
      Then again, most people seem to feel the need to overlay their videos with whatever rubbish song they happen to like at the time, so maybe it's not an issue that will bother a lot of folks after all.

        That'd be because most of these camera's either have terrible mic's or no mic at all.

          The GoPro is the only one that can handle wind noise as far as I know. Helped due to the fact they are mounted in a protective casing which also shields the mic from the wind.

    How big are the buttons? can they be pushed without looking? can they be pushed with ski gloves on? Wifi awesome, but only with the Xperia phone. All these thing will kill it before it begins.

      From the Sony site link:

      "Install the PlayMemories Mobile app (Android or iOS) on your smartphone or tablet and transfer videos directly from Action Cam via Wi-Fi. The free app also lets you control Action Cam remotely from your mobile device."

      The "button" can be easily operated whilst wearing gloves and the Wifi is compatible with Android and iOS - this reviewer has chosen to not mention any of those points.

    16mp sensor but sony says it only takes 2 mp photos....

    1280/[email protected] would be the only reason for it , my heroHD does 1280/[email protected] for about $200
    And the rate of data fill on a card it'd want to be special to film the lot at 60fps
    You'd get clear video but at what price for processing back to 25-30fps for web use ?

      And the rate of data fill on a card it’d want to be special to film the lot at 120fps

    Where does it say 16MP sensor? The Sony site says nothing like that and actually mentions that the sensor has 11900K pixels, or about 12MP. Either way, why would you put a 12MP sensor in a camera that can only do 2MP stills?

    i bought my wifi bacpac from here..
    aus stock and they have a 2 stores in sydney. one being a camera house and another kodak shop.
    free shipping too.

    Will it continue to send a wifi image to your smartphone when you start filming or only to set up your shot. I think the JVC does only the latter.

    For anyone in Sydney, we have a demo model Sony ActionCam in-store now at Camzilla in Lindfield. Available for hands-on testing alongside GoPro Hero2, and pre-orders accepted for October 1 release.

    Needs GPS for speed, definately!

    Tried the new sony cam a consumer I'd go with the Sony...but as a professional filmmaker I have to say nothing beats the Gopro.

    The sony camera has insane rolling shutter issues and the image is in camera processed and quite enhanced to give the customer a "straight out of camera" more pleasing image than the Gopro...however the blues and greens are pushed to an almost unnatural looking extend and the low light footage is quite noisy.

    The gopros overal image is a bit more natural and flat and leaves much more tolerance for grading and postproduction.

    so, for people who just want a camera that shoots good footage without the intent of doing any editing or postproduction to it...go sony.

    for professionals or anyone who want to do editing, grading and postproduction work...gopro is still the way to go.

    Just guessing - but if you needed to keep the camera powered in the car there wouldn't be anyway of connecting the charging point to an in car charger - as the point is at the bottom of the camera and would be covered by the mounting plates?

    For example with the GoPro you can get a skeleton case that gives you access to the charging points etc.

    I have used the GoPro and the Sony Action Cam and Sony's absolutely wins. The image quality is the best even in low light thanks to the Exmor R CMOS Sensor. Check out for more explanation on the features.

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