Sony's Lovely Windows 8 Tablet Should Give Surface Some Competition

Windows 8 is about two months away from release, and Pocket Now reportedly has some pictures of another convertible tablet -- the Sony Vaio Duo 11 -- to add to this ever-growing list of devices running the new OS.

There isn't too much detail available about the Duo 11, save for the fact that it allegedly has an 11-inch screen and might run more than just Windows RT. Judging on looks alone, however, it could be something something super slick. If you were worried that Surface would scare off Microsoft's partners, between this and Lenovo's rumoured ARM-based RT tablet, you might be able to rest a little easier. [Pocket Now]



    What's going to be the number competition, like with any industry, is the price. Sure, there's going to be people who buy it because it's Sony or Samsung or whatever. And there's going to be people who can drop thousands of dollars on a new gadget at the drop of a hat.. but for the majority, it's going to come down to the cheapest being the winner.

    If the major players think they can market the general populace into spending big bucks on these gadgets, like Apple have done, they are in for a big shock. Samsung made that mistake.. they thought they could release a "similar" device and price match it with Apple.. but guess what? Because it's NOT Apple, people won't spend that much (except for the people I listed above, who are definitely not the majority)...

    I just hope the competition plays smart this time round.. not sure how many more chances they will get this decade.


        Show me the specs and give me a price, I like the look of this baby... but only if it's cheap ;)

          Ha Ha Ha now that's hilarious.

          I'll take this and a cheap Leica camera too thanks.

      I wouldn't pay as much for an Android tablet as an iOS or Windows Tablet. Until recently Android wsan't even really made well for tablet, and the majority of apps definitely aren't made for tablet. Sure the hardware may be nice, but why would that be worth as much money?

        Well so far Widows tablets have no apps at all other than thise tease of office...

      The lack of market share for Android tablets would tend to contradict your point. Even at $200 the Kindle Fire hasn't made any impact on iPad. I think there'll be plenty of customers who will see value in a Windows tablet and be willing to pay iPad prices for something as good as an iPad. Something like this or Surface actually seem better than iPad, simply because they look like they might replace a laptop, rather than be an extra piece of junk to cart around. As long as they have a good ecosystem, and both Sony and MS do, they could do very well.

    It looks more like the intel based surface that M$ were showing off sometime ago. Sony has always released products that cost more than other products. It will be interesting to see how they price their surface in Australia and I'n betting it will be in the $1,000 instead of hundreds

      Isn't the M$ thing a bit stale? The same as the indie Apple thing. The companies have swapped. Appl€ are the big evil company now and Microsoft are the true innovators. U mad?

    I'd rather a 7" machine, but really, really liking the ideas and products coming for Win8/RT. So much for Acer having a cry about Surface! What is that big port on the side? Is that HDMI?

      oh... jeeezz... I think it's VGA.

      Please tell me that's not VGA.

        For a moment I was horrified it miht be VGA too. But then I compared the tiny image to the HDMI port on my laptop, and I'm pretty sure that's HDMI

    This looks a lot like the Samsung TX100 I've been waiting more than 18 months for. It looks to be running desktop software in the photo with the stylus, let's just hope it is Core i5 or Core i7 and not Atom. Asus already has their Eee Slider Pad and the action on that thing seems very robust, so this should be a good, solid machine.

    Of course it'll be expensive, the 'Straya Tax strikes again!

    This is not to be compared to an I pad, I pads are just tablets his is a portable PC, with the power to run solid works and light room. Not angry birds .... I think people forget that professionals need something to and this may be it.

      Actually we have no idea if this is ARM Win RT or intel full Win yet, so it could very well NOT run solid works and light room.

      You are aware of the Windows 8 editions and their limitations, I would hope?

    It's good to see more rectangular tablets without rounded (or overly rounded) corners coming out. I already have a tablet running Windows 7 and could never see myself using Android, let alone iOS. I'm still not wedded to Windows 8 and will most likely wait another year, but may install it on a lesser used notebook to learn its foibles et al.

      LOL Windows 7 tablet is a joke, it's laggy, jittery. The new NEXUS 7 are better than this. Have ever try iPad or Nexus 7, try them first. I tried all, I picked iPad due to the apps and smoothness. but the next one will be Android tablet, or maybe Windows 8 depending on how it performs and again the price.

        Err, no, none of the above. I can run Photoshop, Dreamweaver, any Office program quite smoothly. My tablet fully emulates my PC and is in fact a mobile backup for my desktop. Android and iOS can't do any of that. If you want a plaything, then Android/iOS tablet is perfect, but if you want a business tool then a Windows tablet is a somewhat better option.

    Looks nice, but I don't much like the case.

    I was pretty excited about this until I got confirmation from Sony about the stylus:

    "The VAIO Duo Digitizer Stylus is manufactured by N-trig, which we
    believe provides the most accurate and precise writing.

    It supports up to 256 points of pressure."

    No sale! Artists need 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity and I've heard bad things about N-trig as compared to Wacom.

    Hopefully the Surface will have better stylus tech...

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