Sometimes Apple Ads Just Aren't Any Good

Apple is known for its marketing. It's almost always better than every other companies. But what happens when the commercials start... sucking? The recent Apple ad push that featured a 'Genius' helping real people in real situations was awkwardly awful. Here's a humorous take by Jest on what went wrong.

I think painting Cook as a Jobsian clone is a little off but I can totally imagine Cookie giggling to the lame jokes of those commercials. What do you guys think? What went wrong with those Apple commercials (if you hadn't seen 'em, you can watch them here) [Jest]


    The first signs that Apple is starting to slip. There's a reason why Apple came to be the 800 pound gorilla..... Steve Jobs, that's why.

    I reckon that if you think Apple's marketing is good, it is a poor reflection upon the kind of person you are. I'm sure I'm not their target market but I have always found their advertising incredibly arrogant and condescending, none more so than the "I'm a Mac", "I'm a PC" stuff. IF I had been a

      What??? Of course Apple's marketing is very good. It helped them go from struggling to having 100 billion in the bank?

        yeah cos it works on all the sheep...

          Exactly, you only become the biggest company in the world by selling to loyal fans. Everyday consumers are never going to contribute to a companies success.

            What are you talking about?
            Apple spent $647 million on advertising for the iPhone in the United States between 2007 and 2011.
            The iphone cost Apple 150 million to develop.
            By 2010, 74 million iphones had been sold.
            To call all their customers, sheep, sheeple, fan bois, loyal fans... is just plain wrong.

          Apple's success isn't marketing. They got everything that people perceived to be inaccessible about Windows, and made it easy, intuitive and better to look at.

      IF YOU HAD BEEN A .... the suspense is killing me!!!

        I've always wondered what our good friend MotorMouth is. I think maybe he's a Pentium I that became sentient. Something irrelevant anyway...

    I don't think the new ads are bad, they're just aimed at the clueless sort of people Apple would like to market too now.
    People think they're bad because they're not focussing on making making Mac owners feel cool about themselves. Sorry, but Mac ownership isn't a special club anymore.

    Sorry, how do I view that video on my iPad?

    I didn't mind them they were kinda funny.

      Indeed. Didn't bother watching them when they first came out, so just saw 'em and they're not bad.

      The humour is very clearly American, but I like the sitcom-like quality. Completely unreal, but still relatable.

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