Solar System Scale: Weigh Yourself On Planets Where Gravity Isn't So Harsh

If you're feeling guilty about that fifth slice of pie you had after dinner, you might want to consider avoiding scales until you can weigh yourself on this educational aide. It's designed to teach kids facts about the solar system, but more importantly the varying effects of gravity on each planet.

As you step on one of the eight planets (that's right Pluto, you're still demoted) as well as the Earth's moon, you'll hear facts and tidbits about each celestial body's characteristics — voiced by none other than Dr Neil deGrasse Tyson. But the real attraction is the $US50 mat's built-in scale. When you first step on it you'll see your current weight here on earth (up to 100kg), but as you step onto other planets you'll see your weight fluctuate according to each planet's gravity. So if you're feeling really guilty about a recent binge, you'll want to stick to Mercury, Venus, Mars and Uranus where the gravity is less than Earth's. But avoid Jupiter at all costs if you're on a diet and don't want to weight in like a small elephant.

[Hammacher Schlemmer]



    Another gimmick to buy something you don't need

      Any learning tool that makes it fun and memorable for the kids..... Good invention!!

      Yeah it isn't something you would need for your house, but I can see this being a great tool in an elementary school classroom.

    Google does that same thing.

    If it could actually slim down your appearance then maybe you'd have something. Being a fat slob and "weighing" only 25 lbs is hardly an improvement.

      Step on Mercury to lower the weight, and use a fun house mirror to slim your postierior. Simple.

      Too bad there isn't a device to make people as pretty on the inside as they think they are on the outside. Quattrone could really use one.

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