Smart Pills That Track When You've Taken Your Meds Approved In The US

Remembering if you've taken your medication could be a thing of the past now that the US Federal Drug Administrain has approved Proteus Digital Health's new chip-embedded pills that can report back to a sensor and your smartphone when meds have been ingested.

The tiny silicon-based chips are no larger than a grain of sand and contain trace amounts of magnesium and copper. When swallowed and exposed to digestive juices, those materials produce a slight voltage, which can be detected by a special skin patch and relayed to a smartphone. It not only serves as a foolproof reminder as to if and when you've taken a pill, but it also allows healthcare providers to know for sure if medication has been taken by a patient who has trouble caring for themselves.

However, the approval granted by the FDA and Europe's regulatory body are only based on successful studies where the pill was embedded in a placebo. But the company is confident that it should work just as well with actual medications, and is anticipating further approvals in the near future. [Proteus Digital Health via Nature via Popular Science]

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    so meds that say when you've had your meds? Can I post an idea then? Meds that say when you've had your meds that say when you've had your meds. They'll sell a million!

    Ok, abstract silliness aside, For certain things this might be a good idea, but I cant help think of the cost it'll incur to change with the times. Maybe instead of using a smartphone they can report back to some kind of bracelet or pager thing? Also, a more cost effective way may be that the packaging senses based on either weight for bottles, or foil packages opened for packets, whether you've taken meds or not. Yes, a lot less fancy but it might just be cheaper, and if they can get those systems solar powered then no worry about batteries either.

    Maybe people will actually finish the antibiotics that doctors prescibe!

    This is by far the most ridiculous thing ive seen these pharmaceuticals come up with to normalise the use of prescribed meds, this kind of feature has far more negative effects then positive, the long term side effects of swallowing these minerals as well as the psychological effect of the applications features would not be deeply considered by the stakeholders surrounding the issue.

    Yes , but next time your girlfriend tells you that she is pregnant. Because she thinks she forgot her pill.Then you might like this article a bit better.

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