Sell Your Black Magic Elsewhere, Says eBay

Starting today, warlocks and witches the world around will have to find a more hospitable hosting platform for their black magic business: eBay has had enough.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the online auction site, which has allowed the sale of metaphysical goods since its launching in 1995, has recently had a change of heart, adding to its no-sell list items such as spells, potions and other magical services.

eBay is "is a substantial online channel for many magicians and seers," reports the WSJ, "with more than 40,000 spell listings and 1,500 tarot-card readings on offer."

The reason for the big ban? Magic is, quite simply, a "customer-service headache".

The company says handling complaints was a problem when, for example, customers didn't win the lottery after buying a spell that promised them they would, or didn't turn into werewolves after imbibing a potion that guaranteed a transformation.

EBay adds that it isn't afraid of any hexes that might be cast on the company in the wake of its decision. "We hope any spells cast toward eBay promote a vibrant and trusted marketplace," says spokesman Alan Marks.

Maybe Etsy will prove better suited to the crafty homespun nature of black magic wares? [WSJ]

Image by brianc under Creative Commons license



    i remember someone sold a dead dog for some ridiculous amount once

    Now if they would only ban homeopathy, religion, etc....

      look out he is onto somthing! world peace!

    A pox on eBay! haaaaaaaahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Im sure would welcome these sellers with open arms

    Are they suggesting Ebay provide customer service, or that they just get a headache from the concept?

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