Samsung's Sydney Concept Store Is Shiny, But Don't Expect One Near You Anytime Soon

"It's the first 100 per cent, Samsung-owned store in Australia," said Tyler McGhee (Samsung'saf local head of telco), beaming. He's pretty proud of it. He goes on to explain that 4000 people will pass by the prime real estate space every single day, and that it couldn't be in a better spot if it tried. "Will you replicate these sort of stores around Australia?" I ask Tyler. Not immediately, he replied. What's the story, Samsung?

Also: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Arrives In Australia The Samsung Store opened to great fanfare in Sydney this evening. It saw the announcement of the anticipated Galaxy Note 10.1 and it's the South Korean gadget giant's pride-and-joy down under. It features various zones including a play zone for little and big kids alike near the door, flagship devices like the Samsung Galaxy SIII and the Galaxy Note 10.1, a "convergence zone" where people can learn about how Samsung's line of "smart" products work together, and rows upon rows of tables filled with gadgets subsidised on the country's big three telco carriers.

Tyler tells me how the company scoured the country looking for the perfect site. It couldn't just be plonked anywhere, after all. He said that the 450 George Street site where the store sits right now is perfect because it has prime street frontage which gives the company a lot of exposure and a chance to make a big splash. It's what Samsung is going for, really.

The Samsung exec added that the company isn't pursuing concept stores in every capital just yet, simply because they haven't found the right sites yet.

"If the right site presents itself, then maybe we'd consider [opening a new store there]," he told me.

It's in stark contrast to Samsung's direct competitors, namely Apple -- who has a flagship store 212 steps down the road. Apple is currently on a massive store drive, opening up new retail spaces in New South Wales, Canberra, South Australia and Queensland.

Obviously Samsung is keen to get these big stores into as many retail precincts as possible, but it's not going to rush it. You'll just have to wait.

Where abouts in your city would be nice for a Samsung store like this one?



    What about the one in Burwood?

      We were told that it's a third-party reseller trading under the Samsung name.

        I used to work for Samsung and yes you are correct Luke.

    What! a store with tables owned by a company that sells tablets, Computers and smartphones with a large sales table at the back and accessories on the wall with salesmen and women dressed in uniform prowling the shop

    surely apple patented that idea..
    be careful Samsung....

      Wayne, so your saying that Apple are the only people who can have a sales store like them ? Good luck with that attempt of a legal arguement or what ever its is your attempting to infer. With all due respect and using your approach, does that mean all fast food places should re design there stores becasue they all have the same basic sales counter ?

        Sorry Sarcasm does not come out well in text...

          hehe, I got it and had a chuckle

          Dont worry man i got it

          Maybe Jason is American

          ROFL .. that's so insane that that could only be a troll ;) Well played sir!

    The hideous 'Information' sign on that tablet pretty much sums up their sense of style.

      What is sarcasm?

        I'm pretty sure it was genuine. That sign really does sum up their sense of style.


      Couldnt agree more. That sign should have been left back in the 80's. So uncool.

    If It works for one company to try to monopolise this idea why not two?

      That would be a duopoly

    this is just a cheap terrible copy of Apple's amazing retail experience.

      I can't wait to shop there. Finally a shop selling phones instead of rotten fruit.

    I love my Samsung TV and phones but Samsung is lacking on class lol. But will be good to have a place to play with the new note 10.1 looks great

    LOL @Markd, totally agree. So, for everyone out there without any style, there is now a shop for you other than Big W for you to buy your trash from.

      What, you mean the Apple store? Yep, totally agree.

    Wowee, waaaay too much branding in there. Maybe they just don't want to be accused of trying to look like an Apple shop but that's still way over the top!
    It's funny, because Samsung is one of the best looking text logos on electronic products, it works well, looks futuristic, looks like it belongs... While most other text logis including Apple when its written, look like an afterthought. Bit on all these "instore" promo signs it looks revolting.

    wonder if they will have that 75" TV on display....

    cant wait to get a look at the new galaxy note 2

    My eyes are burning... In the pattern of a blue "SAMSUNG" logo.
    Like ozoneocean said, waaaay too much branding inside the store.

    How do you *know* they are opening a SA store, out of interest.

    Telstra store anyone?

      Thank you! Finally! I've been thinking this all along.

    They should be more worried about how many of those 4000 passing by each day are actually going to enter the store and make a purchase. If even only 10% of those people buy something, then perhaps you can consider this store a success. Good luck, as the Samsung store is going to be charging at the RRP which is always going to be more than other stores and deals.

    Btw, that blue colour looks HIDEOUS.

    We should forget about what the store looks like for just one sec. Yes Apple Store look great, very well laid out and polished in Presentation. What I don't see from Apple is how all these bit of Technology work together. Samsung have this "Convergence Zone" which during my time with the company, I understand it is the direction the company wishes to take. However as it stands at the moment, we don't have retailers, showing off how things things talk to each over. How many "non tech" people know about DLNA. Some of this technology has been out there for so long, yet not pushed here in Australia. I hope Samsung keeps going with a strong push with convergence technology in Australia, cause then we will start to see some really cool stuff.

    But Samsung are advertising for retail jobs for a retail store here on the Gold Coast? I almost applied but then I saw they had expectations of the applicants that were silly.

    the whole retail shop thing is just too pretentious for me. every product can be bought in other stores without the pretentious staff acting like they are more than just retail staff.

    I went there tonight to ask about the Note 2 and between prying information from the salesperson and being interrupted by another salesperson going to dinner I left feeling very unimpressed by the attitude. I am reconsidering going down the road to the competition. I have been waiting for a long time for the Note 2 and I was getting excited. Pity the sales people don't show the same level of enthusiasm. Instead of getting training on devices perhaps the sales people should learn some customer skills and manners.

      Joe you will find that experience pretty much at any Australian retailer these days. Most people who work in retail really don't give a flying [email protected]#$% and are pretty rude. You wonder what kind of parents raised these people. Lack of any manners or respect. This is why retailers and people working in retail are treated with such contempt. Most people are fed up with the lack of service and would rather buy online.

    Is there any other samsung concept stores around the sydney area besides granville and george street sydney

    I live on the gold coast but perhaps a store in Brisbane's CBD would do great.

    I had the best experience at this store - twice!. My Note 10.1 broke; screen went funny one evening and the next morning it was just dead. The Note is almost two years old. I took it to the store; they looked at it and said, yes they can repair it and turnaround will be 1 day. 1 day?? seriously :) So I handed it in an true to their word, got it back the next day - completely fixed and free of charge.

    I was so impressed, I wondered if I should hand my GS4 in as well since it had been acting up lately (difficult to charge, etc). The phone is just under two years old. I handed the phone in at 9am. They said it might be fixed that afternoon at 5pm. This I wanted to see. Again, you could blow me over with a feather when I arrived there at 5 and the phone was fixed: they said it had water damage but still fixed it free of charge as a "once off" to me.

    Well done to the Samsung team and in particular Zach who assisted me. Samsung customer for life.

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