Samsung's Sydney Concept Store Is Shiny, But Don't Expect One Near You Anytime Soon

"It's the first 100 per cent, Samsung-owned store in Australia," said Tyler McGhee (Samsung'saf local head of telco), beaming. He's pretty proud of it. He goes on to explain that 4000 people will pass by the prime real estate space every single day, and that it couldn't be in a better spot if it tried. "Will you replicate these sort of stores around Australia?" I ask Tyler. Not immediately, he replied. What's the story, Samsung?

Also: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Arrives In Australia The Samsung Store opened to great fanfare in Sydney this evening. It saw the announcement of the anticipated Galaxy Note 10.1 and it's the South Korean gadget giant's pride-and-joy down under. It features various zones including a play zone for little and big kids alike near the door, flagship devices like the Samsung Galaxy SIII and the Galaxy Note 10.1, a "convergence zone" where people can learn about how Samsung's line of "smart" products work together, and rows upon rows of tables filled with gadgets subsidised on the country's big three telco carriers.

Tyler tells me how the company scoured the country looking for the perfect site. It couldn't just be plonked anywhere, after all. He said that the 450 George Street site where the store sits right now is perfect because it has prime street frontage which gives the company a lot of exposure and a chance to make a big splash. It's what Samsung is going for, really.

The Samsung exec added that the company isn't pursuing concept stores in every capital just yet, simply because they haven't found the right sites yet.

"If the right site presents itself, then maybe we'd consider [opening a new store there]," he told me.

It's in stark contrast to Samsung's direct competitors, namely Apple — who has a flagship store 212 steps down the road. Apple is currently on a massive store drive, opening up new retail spaces in New South Wales, Canberra, South Australia and Queensland.

Obviously Samsung is keen to get these big stores into as many retail precincts as possible, but it's not going to rush it. You'll just have to wait.

Where abouts in your city would be nice for a Samsung store like this one?

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