Samsung's New 10.1-Inch Windows 8 Tablet Challenges The Microsoft Surface

While some PC makers are nervous about building hardware for Windows RT, Samsung is going straight in for the kill with its newly announced Samsung Ativ Tab. Will it be enough to steer people away from Microsoft Surface?

The Ativ Tab has 10.1-inch 1366x768 display, it's 8.9mm thick and weighs 567 grams. It's slimmer and lighter than the last Samsung Galaxy Tab, and it also does one better in specs with a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 2GB of RAM, and either 32GB or 64GB of storage. Besides Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi, the Ativ Tab also has NFC, GPS, USB 2.0 and miniHDMI ports. We would never encourage anyone to take photos with a tablet, but the the Ativ Tab comes with a 5-megapixel rear-facing camera and a 1.9-megapixel front-facing camera for video chatting and shameless self-portraits.

No word yet on pricing or availability, but count on it arriving around the official release of Windows 8 in October.


    If it comes in a pro version I'd be interested.

    Not sold on the Ativ name

      Looks like they have a 11.6 Series 5 version. No price or detailed specs yet.

        Series 5 $749 ans Series 7 $1,119 US.

      Series 7 is the Pro version ;)

      It's a name... you're judging a product on the name of it? Wow.

    USB 2.0...

      it's only downfall.

      Amazing device though, Hopefully i have the budget for a few of these.

      ARM processors probably can't handle USB 3 natively and adding support for it might push the cost up too far?

        you dont understand the technologies

        we totes need usb3 for those extra bandwidth phat pipes for all that 8k res footage ill be streaming on my awesome 720 capable display - via la 3.0!

          what about samsungs new 1.7ghz quad core with usb3 support... common sammy get out the big guns! and a 1080p screen FFS!! this is hopefully just an entry level win8 tablet.. but i'm guessing asus will get a jump on them from the start..they seem to know what people like me want when it comes to tablets :)

            it's a cheap ARM tablet, they have an i7 version with upto 8gb of RAM coming, don't worry.

    Not coming in Pro. Not with those dimensions and weight. Look at the article on the Samsung Series 5, those are the types of specifications required for a descent Pro machine. Not way they can fit those components into this shell. I see a Pro version being thicker and heavier and costing around the same as the Samsung Series 9 or more due to the engineering required to get the components in a tablet. We are still a couple of years away from Intel being where ARM are at the moment with efficiency. As an RT tablet looks nice but looking forward to 7".

    Is anyone else sick of seeing things being named a threat to the surface, when we really dont know just what the surface is going to be??

      I think surface needs more competitors tbh. Besides - i dont think windows is all about selling the hardware as much as they are about selling the OS. The Surface device is just their take on the market/form factor - to lead the charge so to speak. Since everyones been beaten into a submissive state by the iPad. The Windows 8 platform will probably have more luck/chops in the tablet space. A 'threat' to Surface and a welcome comrade in their fight against iOS and Android.

    Like the new Windows phone and touchscreen laptop Samsung have announced, this looks very generic and uninspiring. I don't think Surface has too much to worry about.

    Hopefully we see price from Microsoft for the Surface soon so that there is something to compare.

    i know its a tablet... but wheres the attachable/dockable keyboard :(

    Does anyone know when the full scale Windows 8 ones will be released in Australia?

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