Samsung's New Windows 8 Hybrid Tablets Look Like Galaxy Notes With Keyboards

Samsung is really set on making this stylus thing work. The new Series 5 and Series 7 Slate PCs look pretty good -- the versions we saw last week weren't final -- but they might have a little catching up to do as well.

The Series 5 and 7 look totally fine, by most standards. Pretty good, actually. They're well-thought-out machines that are pretty well designed. But it feels like that just won't be enough for the coming onslaught of Windows 8 gear. The new Vaio Duo looks beautiful, and other converters, like the Lenovo Yoga are already out there looking amazing. So while these are pretty good, we hope that gets bumped up to pretty great by the time they launch, or it could get ugly for Samsung.

The Series 7 Slate will have a 11.6-inch 1920x1080 display and weigh 857 grams with dimensions of 11.6 inches x 7.2 inches x 0.5 inches, 4GB of RAM, and come with an Intel Core i5 Ivy Bridge processor. The Series 5 will have the same 11.6-inch display, but at 1366x760 resolution. It will also have an ATOM Z2760 processor instead of a Core series, and half the RAM and storage at 2GB and 64GB. It's a little lighter and thinner too, at 748 grams and 0.38 inches thick.

The Series 7 costs $US1200, while the Series 5 is available for $US750 with the keyboard dock, and $US650 without it. We'll bring you local pricing details as soon as they become available.



    Just dug my ancient (+10 years) iPaq running Windows CE out of my junk draw, it has a stylus. Great progress in all these years Microsoft and Samsung, still sticking to stylii like glue. Does Ballmer have a stylus stuck up his a##s or something? Most useless user interface ever devised by man.

      Its better to have a stylus as an option than to not. While I would have a need for a stylus in personal use, we have tablets at my work and for what we do the stylus is a must.

      ill do a quick sketch on my touchsmart tm2 with wacom, you do it with your index finger, then we can compare. there are plenty of good uses for stylus

        Exactly. People who don't draw whining about the stylus thing and wondering what they're for, like a celibate man who wonders why you really need a penis...

          For urinating?

            But women don't need a penis......

          Look buddy, even a celibate man might wanna write his name in the snow or something! ;)

            EXACTLY. so the stylus is the penis for the non-drawer, i guess. :S

    Stylus,, excellent miss this from years of using PALM and on the CE devices.
    I thought the OS on CE devices was very ordinary but on PALM fantastic.
    It is a move forward especially when trying to point to a specific location.
    USe Apple and ANdroid and MS tablets as a developer of software.. but ANdroid with Stylus is excellent.
    Hey if Apply copies this does $1 Billion come back the other way or they just going to back it because it does not have round corners ?

    I wish we'd get more large-screen tablets, everyone is obsessed with these unusable iPad sized tablets. 14 or 15" FHD would be awesome.

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