Samsung's New Gesture-Controlled Panel Hits Australia And It's Bloody Enormous

Seventy. Five. Inches. That's the size of the new Series 9 LED TV just announced from Samsung. It's promising a clearer picture thanks to some maths, and it has some decent tech to go along with it, including a built-in Kinect-style camera and new catch-up features. Mighty shiny.

The 75-inch Series 9 is Samsung's latest thin, large panel. It's not got anything mad like OLED or 4k, but Samsung is promising deeper, more detailed blacks thanks to micro-dimming technology, which breaks the screen down into 576 individual boxes and processes it three times to make sure the picture is sharp and contrasted correctly.

It's a native 200Hz panel which means no jaggy-looking upscale and it's got a wafer-thin bezel which is always welcome.

Interestingly, though, the only break in the design is at the top where we find a pop-up camera normally concealed behind the bezel that's used to track the gestures of those standing in front of it. It's a blatant Kinect rip-off but it doesn't actually work with Kinect. Instead you use it to control the TV's Smart Hub interface and play games like Angry Birds. If you can think of something more useless on a television, you're welcome to share it in the comments.

If the gesture stuff really isn't your thing and you actually feel like using your TV, you can pick up the latest Smart Keyboard from Samsung that actually has the trackpad built in. Plenty nifty for getting about your Smart Hub interface.

At the launch of the television last night, Samsung announced some more goodies coming to its FOXTEL streaming service, including new channels and new packages, which will include entertainment, sports and movies. Yahoo7! catch-up content is also on its way exclusively to the Samsung Smart Hub.

The real kicker though is the price. This 75-inch smart monster will run you a dollar shy of $9500. Compare that to the LED TVs from Sharp we saw in July and you're looking at almost double the price. Admittedly the Samsung does have smart and 3D functionality up its sleeve, but is it really worth that much?

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    What's the built in tuner like in the Samsung's these days? The picture on my old F80 series is great with a powerful external tuner, but the built in tuner is like rubbing dirt in my eyes.

    9500?????? No sir. no way.

      It's a good start... the price will nosedive in the next couple of years. Then the masses can all have 75 inch penors... I mean screens...

    So can they make a non-3D, non-kinect rip-off version and sell it to us at half that price? I want a TV, not a 75-inch smart phone/console wannabe. I love Samsung TVs, but some of these features are so pointless.

    Finally a Samsung goes back to tried and true design for their TV, not that weird octopus leg design.

    75" is hardly "bloody enormous" these days.

      I guess against a projector screen you can only use in a dark room you are right...buuuuuut

    mmmm would be a nice upgrade from my 65" series 8... but its $3k more than i paid for this... 3k for 10"... mmmmmm can't justify.... lol

      It may only be 10" bigger in size one way, b ut % wise the screen area it waaaaaay bigger than a 65"

    3k for an extra 10" , I'll take it, whoops wrong subject.

      +1, beaten to the joke by another Chris :(

    And who's technology have they stolen to pump out this rubbish from their korean clone factory?

    Have you tried the gesture controls?

    I have.

    It. Just. Doesn't. Work.

      I can't see how it would work. There is no visable camera. Kinect has 3 large cameras/sensors and it still can be buggy sometimes

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