Samsung: We're Not Interested In Buying RIM Or BlackBerry Licences

On the heels of last week's news suggesting that RIM was planning to license out its new operating system, BlackBerry 10, Samsung has firmly denied any desires to become involved with RIM.

Reuters is reporting that Samsung has outright said that it "has not considered acquiring Research In Motion or licensing the... new mobile operating system".

Yesterday, shares of RIM rose 5 per cent when an analyst predicted that Samsung might be interested in licensing BB10 from RIM. They look set to drop just as quickly.

BB10, which is expected to launch early next year, is perhaps RIM's final shot — but plans to license the software out are ambitious. With Samsung, the biggest and most attractive player, out of the running, it remains to be seen who will dare take the punt. [Reuters]



    Bye bye blackberry

      I get the feeling that given HTC's slide - it wont be just blackberry there soon.

      Heres hoping they can sort their shit out.

    Only a handful of companies would be interested, but they would have to be those that haven't got the market penetration that the big guys have. If I were RIM I'd be courting LG - they haven't had much success in the market, BB10 could be the spark that makes them a player.

    Hey RIM CEO, I'll buy an unlimited use license, I just found 50c down the back of my sofa. You can keep the 45c change. Jeeze, this is the longest death scene since Peter Seller's prolonged expiry in "The Party". Bye bye RIM, RIP.

    Well, BB might want to swallow their pride and try Huawei, who has more resources and cash then apple times 2

    Well, BB might want to swallow their pride and try Huawei, who has more resources and cash then apple times 2, after all the Chinese have a history of buying failed stuff, they bought Hummer off GM, bought SAAB off Ford who bought it off the Swedes. They have the means and have made some very unintelligent purchases in the past from the West.

    Just a thought for RIM. I've had a work issued Blackberry for long as I remember but I carry my own smartphone. All my colleagues past and present do the same. Make a Dual sim Blackberry running over Android. You can thank me later.

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