Samsung Still Has Some Fight Left In It

Samsung may be battered after last week's Apple patent punishments, but it's not broken. And while it's not one bit surprising to hear the company say that it's going to fight back, it's at least fun to hear them do it with such gusto.

As the WSJ reports, Samsung has confirmed that it will fight the proposed ban on eight of its smartphones in the US with "all necessary measures", which sounds like something a late-1980s banana republic general would tell his mercenaries to use to hunt down Sly Stallone.

OK, sure, Samsung probably won't use flaming crossbow arrows or booby-trap explosives (maybe). But there should be plenty of legal pyrotechnics before the court decides the fate of the Galaxy S II and others on September 20. Especially when you combine that with Samsung's inevitable — possibly well-founded — appeal of the original patent infringement verdict.

Remember, kids, this trial is over but the war is far from won; get ready to hear more about appellate court patent rulings over the next several months than you ever thought you would your whole entire life. [WSJ]

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