Samsung Owes Apple A Comedically Huge $1.05 Billion in Damages

The patent trial of the century is not going well for Samsung; the jury has ruled almost entirely in Apple's favor, with damages so far totalling a hilarious $US1.05 billion. That's about a quarter of Samsung's operating profit in all of 2011 (but only a tenth of Apple's cash on hand) and could have massive repercussions for both it and the industry going forward.

Here's a breakdown of the damages, courtesy of The Verge:

$US57 million for the Samsung Prevail $US44,792,974 for the Infused 4G $US53,123,612 for the Mesmerize $US3,350,256 for the Replenish $US954,060 for the Transform

Oh and Samsung was awarded... no dollars. Not even a commemorative koozie.

If you'd like to read more details of the verdict, hit up this post.

[The Verge]



    About 1/100 isn't it, as in 1 percent...dont they have pocket change somewhere in the vicinity of $100bil...i still hate apple

    Better raise component prices to make up for the damage to cash flow...

    oh wait. what a circus...

      exactly Andrew - Apple that stupid that they had to bite the hand that feeds their products - Eg CPUs are made by Samsung. If they take Samsung out completely they do have something to lose - bloody lawyers.

        I'd imagine that A) Apple has long term contracts in place and B) Apple can move the production in-house if they want because they are stinking rich.

          C) Over the past couple of years they've taken on a number of other supplies so their eggs aren't all in the one basket.

        Unfortunately i dont think it'd matter due simply to a contractual agreement to provide xxx amount of components over a set time .

        And no doubt the contract expiry date would give apple enough time to find another supplier. Panasonic as an example could rework a factory to churn out bulk flash media in no time at all.

        I bet they never ever thought about it at such a deep level, if only the worlds richest company could afford to analyse the situation with the depth of insight a bunch of guys on an internet forum has

          Hey mark. Apple bought a chip manufacturer in Israel last year. Bet I know where Apples flash drives will be coming from now. Foxconn also make plenty of components for Apple. At least they won't stab Apple in the back like samsuck have.

        This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

        This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      Hah, they should just up their patent licensing fees. ;p

    Will be interesting to see what happens with Motorola Vs the World, considering that they invented the mobile/cell phone.

      May not be the same case given there are so many going on, but they did have somewhat of a small victory against Motorola today also.

      Well that ones dead on arrival mate. Most of motorolas patent licensing have been regarded as FRAND, because they are so old and wide spread. Google think they can use these patents as a Sheild against Apple, but what they forgot was Motorola have licensed most of these to manufacturers under FRAND. How the hell can they now go and ask for money from Apple, for something they have given away? Google, bend over. Apples lawyers are headed your way.

    Does it matter to anyone here? it not like any apple fanboys are getting the money?
    technology seems to go in cycles, and so as in business, microsoft was great once, nokia was the greatest, what held them back was that the lack of innovation brought to the market, now that being sad, apple did great in that area 5 years ago, but its held technology as hostage, and seriously patent lawsuits and this greediness doesnt do anything for us as CONSUMERS.

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    Well US Jury looking after US company? What can you expect? And all this about the LOOK of something? Its a wonder the car companies aren't suing each other. After all they all have 4 wheels and a grill. This is just the yanks trying to impose unfair and impractical patents on the rest of the world. The guy sitting next to you at the lights in his BMW will claim a patent on how he picks his nose next.

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Congrats Apple... You forever will remain the 'Game Changer' in smartphones category... After all you continue to bring 'idiot-proof' smartphones & Tablet technology to 2yr olds as much as 50+ yr old grannys...

    Samsung although I give you KUDOS for being the best Android cellphone maker out there & for being progressive about your products.. Please don't copy... come out with your own innovations and you could be successful... You now have a following (Galaxy 1,2,3...)

    For my work.. I'd prefer the battery life and simplicity of iPhone over so called 'customizations' & crap battery life of Android devices

      Perhaps you need to do a little more research on Android devices- Motorola's Razr Maxx and the Galaxy S2 both have better battery than the iPhone....

      Second, Apple didn't invent anything- they never have, they innovate and improve. THAT was the game changer- changing the smartphone to make it easy to use. I believe this verdict is an absolutely disgusting miscarriage of justice. It suggest Apple invented all it's things, which it didn't. It simply designed them better.

      The whole case was ludicrous- it should've been thrown ou ton both sides and quashed and Apple and Samsung BOTH told to harden the fuck up. Samsung invented half the chips, TV's and memory we use today and followed Apple's design process for cellphones. To say they copied woud be to says Boeing copied Airbus when they made their first jet.....

      Apple invented unibody What a claim to fame. Name ONE other thing they ACTUALLY invented? None. They've done well by making tech easy to use AND THEN PATENTING THE CRAP OUT OF THE DESIGN, because the patent system is broken.

      This whole case is ludicrous. I seriously hope Apple manages to screw it up. They didn't deserve that verdict. Neither did Samsung.

        If you had worked your ass off on a piece of tech for years then see a rival company blatantly rip it off, you might be a little pissed too

          Strange. I thought that was exactly what happened to Motorola's 3G patent, originally won in Germany, but Apple ARGUED better, so it was overturned when appealed. Apple RIPPED OFF Motorola...and got away with it because their lawyers were better.

          It has nothing to do with what is right, it is who has the better lawyers. Apple have more money- Apple have the better lawyers.

            That was a standard essentials patent

            This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

          That product that was worked on for 10 years didn't have installable apps, MMS, 3G or even copy & paste. I still haven't seen a shred of proof that Samsung blatantly ripped Apple off. I've seen Samsung made design documents COMPARING their current designs against a competing product to make it more attractive, but that's hardly a smoking gun. It's only common sense to compare your product against a competitor's and improve based on both, any company that refused to do so probably wouldn't be a company much longer.

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      Whilst many Android handsets have lousy batteries, I haven't found that to be the case with the S2 at all, and it can be swapped out!

    Would this all be on insurance anyway?

      Probably not as insurance would only cover unintentional infringement of Apple's patents.

        Unintentional? Oh, lol. Like the unintentional email within samsuck that stated "We need to do what Apple are doing and put them our phones". Boom. Intent, and found guilty of it. Read the judgement. It states, "intentially infringed Apples patents".

    I'm really glad for apple, now they will definitely have that extra cash they need to donate to charity.... haha, as if, pricks.

    I think the most interesting thing is that they awarded $0 for the regular Galaxy S (the one which most looks like an iPhone...)

    Reality check... Samsung could not give a flying rats @$$ about you.
    Yes that's right YOU.
    They have lied, destroyed evidence (which was even more damaging than what was presented) and been dishonest al the way through this trial.
    Bottom line... they are immoral and unethical.
    I am in no way shape or form an Apple fan or user but enough is enough.
    For those of you who are not bombarding this forum via VPN directly from South Korea (who are at least getting paid for supporting Samsung) GROW UP.
    It's bad enough Toyota knowingly (allegedly) provided customers with cars that killed people and they are still the highest selling car manufacturer in the western world... now we support thieving liars?
    Well done.


        Thunder takes home the dumbest retort of the day.

      Where did they lie?

      They didn't have to keep evidence until they were subpoenaed, their Exchange clients kept all emails, but the other email client software they were using automatically deleted it and they admitted that. They stopped this deletion practice, as they will probably need to keep from being bombarded by future Apple lawsuits the world over because of broken patent laws.

      And for your information, I'm Australian, I sell both Apple and Samsung products and I do it as impartially as I possibly can.

      You are forgetting the Ford Pinto Fiasco.... Remember not to throw stones... they may come back.
      Hope you aren't supporting ford either...

      Industrial expediency is what all of these companies practice... At least the Korean verdict was a little balanced.... The Good People of California Were only interested in protecting their markets from invasion... Xenophobes ?? not a chance!!

    Don't tell anyone that 26% of the iphone 4s costs are samsung made!!
    Apple also buy screens from LG which maybe from Toshiba mobile.

    No denying that innovative ideas from US has been further enhanced at lower cost in the east. And in this instant gratification age for the latest and greatest, unfortunately Apple lost that edge a while ago.
    Now would be a very good time to sell them apples and buy some sammys.
    Apple can only go down from here and Sammy is not going down by a long shot.

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Jury of 9 people, just people not fan boys agreed with apple. Meaning that apple had the right to this money, now all the whiners lets build a bridge shall we, 1 billion is a drop in the ocean for Samsung and apple

      Don't know if you actually read the article, but $1 Billion is 1/4 of Samsung's yearly profit. That is not a drop in the ocean. For ANY company.

        Actually I didn't, I read the article link (verge)

          But I do retract that comment

    When apple is ashes then you have my permission to buy a tablet.

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    This enforces my hatred of Apple, and will greatly increase my discouragement of Apple products to friends/family. Apple contribute NOTHING to the technological world, they slap a bunch of other companies technology together, make it pretty, and call it an iPhone, or an iPod/iPad. They back stab the companies to which they owe their success, They lack morals, and ruin innovation in technology.

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    the thing i STILL find unbelievably backward about this is that this is ALL about looks.
    technologically samsung took MOST of the gui functions from the operating system that they were running....namely android....which is made by google....who make the OS.....and most of the GUI functions....WHY THE [email protected]$k does samsung get the blame for that when they were given it BY GOOGLE!....why ? cause google has more money then apple and apple want to take out the ones selling the phones.

      Here's the rub Will my friend. Google give away their android code. It's easier to palm off the responsibility of any infringements to the phone manufacturers who sell the phones and the OS. There's the catch. Those who profit from the sale of the infringed patents, are the easier target. Google knew this, and let the manufacturers take the heat. So to protect themselves from prosecution, google bought motorolas patents. Stupid thing is, most of those patents have already been licensed under FRAND. So I hope this explains why google have dumbed their partners in the shit. But they will be next, I guarantee it!

    can you imagine how horrific the car industry would be if one company patented square headlights.....or split C pillars...or some other rediculous style or fucntion like that...the cars we drive today would be horrific. all cars stuck in an endless "look" that they have to always use cause those companies only have the right to certain design elements. if buick decided to sue everyone who put a boot on the car we would all be driving hatches.

    dont get me wrong on occation cars have been hit with law suits cause the entire thing is very close to another entire car. but its never because of small details. without copying the jap car industry wouldnt have started at all and there would have been no quality revolution in the 70s that showed that cars didnt have to break every 5 min and we would all be driving something american and broken. oh and basically the same broken american cars since the 60s

      The car industry do defend their innovations just as enthusiastically.
      Only difference is they have been around a lot longer (than most tech companies) and have decided licensing is a better option rather than being dragged through the courts.
      Even back in 1886 they were patenting car engines... the car industry have always been protective of their intellectual properties. It's just not in the news. Bad example.

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