Samsung Maybe Copied Apple's iOS Icons Just A Tiny Bit

On day three of the Apple vs Samsung patent lawsuit battle-to-the-death extravaganza, Apple presented some pretty convincing evidence that Samsung copied its trademarked iOS icons. Look at the contacts icon above. OK so maybe Samsung's icon is a horrible orange colour and there are only two binder rings, but it doesn't take a degree in graphic design to see the similarities.

Apple has done a very good job of showing how Samsung copied its ideas. Either Apple has very good lawyers or Samsung has some explaining to do. Check out CNET for even more icon doppelgangers. [CNET via 9To5Mac]


    So they made them colourful. That made size changes. The inner icon isnt a trace design. A phone is a phone . Honestly get over it and see how long Apple's attempt at monopoly will last with its dictatorship.

    Is Apple really pushing that their icons are the core of their technology and how they made their money?

    This is getting silly, both parties now grasping straws to say the other is the thief

    Whats next? All those macbook air clone targeted next?

    So Apple is the first company to ever use a silhouette of a head and shoulders in the design of an icon. Laughable.

      No they just got the idea registered and patented first, it not rocket surgery

        You can't patent an image/colour, you trademark it. And what April was getting at was the use of the silhouette by other entities, constituting prior art. It isn't rocket science, but you seem to have trouble understanding simple concepts, let alone rocket science.

        Im interested to know more about this rocket surgery? Didnt know you could now perform medical procedures on rockets.

          No no no, see it's like radiotherapy, except with cosmic rays!

    The door handles on my car look similar to my neighbours car and the icons for the wipers and hazard buttons are virtually identical, but that is because it is widely accepted by the general population. Apple needs a swift kick up the rear end. With all the money that they have spent on petty squabbles they could have reduced the sale price of there offerings and become bit closer to being competitive. Apple is just trying to use the American legal system to stop competition, everywhere else in the world the legal systems have the integrity to see through the ploy.

    The next law suit will be; well we built a phone, then samsung built another phone. We want a billion dollars in lost revenue because those phone they sold we could have sold if they didn't build another phone.

    I agree it's silly but the fact is the law lets people trademark things, and therefore the law lets people defend their trademarks.

      like facebook telling people to stop using the work face, or book. Some time trademarks are stupid and need to be stopped

    Why does the icon look similar? Because of affordance. Affordance gives people context about an object and lets them know what they can do with it. Because of this, there probably isn't very many ways you could do the contacts icon. Or the phone, sms or internet icons.

      Good try and a good argument Erica, if you expand the image and look closely at the icon, Samsung didn't have the class or perhaps talent to even bother to create a new silhouette, they truly have "copied" an aspect of the registered icons that iOS has.

      I'm no lawyer, but as a jurist I would be compelled to believe Apple more than Scamsung at this point

        Not a lawyer? Not even close Apple drone.
        Go read up on Trademark rights and infringements before you make statements that further question your intelligence. No reasonable person would confuse these two icons. The silouette might be similar, but other design aspects clearly differentiate it.

        Hmm notifications bar been used against apple.yet?

    This is getting f**king ridiculous. The worst part -- give it 5 minutes before a bunch of idiots will be out in force agreeing with this crazy claim.

    the icon for contacts on my Nokia 6700 (Symbian 032.108) looks fairly similar... white head and shoulders silhouette, on a blue ring binder-like background.

    Clearly Nokia traveled into the future and copied Apple's design.

    Another quality Gizmodo article. <- that was sarcasm incase you were wondering.
    Seriously, the amount of crap on this website, do you all work for Apple or something? The similarities in these icons will never constitute trademark infringement in a courtroom.

      Only Mario Aguilar works for Apple. IMHO I think the contacts app icon is hardly a copy of Apple's icon. Theres only so many ways you can draw a person and a phonebook FFS. Anyway its an icon, so what crapple?

    im going to sue apple for using my likeness in there contacts icon, anyone that has met me could tell that the silhouette they use is obviously mine.

    Funny how all the evidence supporting Apple is still there, but all the evidence Samsung has presented had been thrown out. Do not feed the patent trolls.

    Some piece of scum has copyrighted the video of the mission control during the Curiosity rover landing and YouTube is pulling them down as fast as they get put up. Even NASA can't have a copy up on their channel. This is how messed up Copyright Law is. You don't even have to have made or even been involved in the creation of something to copyright it.

      Um, yes you do initially... of yourse you can transfer your rights though.

      false. the reason that the videos are not on youtube is not because some other than nasa has copyrighted the videos, it is because someone has made a claim (fraudulently) within youtube's systems that they are the copyright owner of these videos. youtube automatically pulls down videos that are the subject of such a claim until it is verified whether or not the claim is legitimate. problem is nothing is stopping anyone from making these false claims on youtube's systems.

      blame youtube for that, not copyright law.

      back on topic, apple are jerks.

    "It doesn't take a degree in graphic design to see the similarities" pretty much sums up the weightlessness of this article.

    How does this prove anything? There are a million things in the Design world that look like each other, yet they're not suing the pants off one another... Apple are a bunch of low lives with nothing better to do, they don't deserve business.

    Is it to say Pixar and Dreamworks are copying animation techniques... *Gasp*

    I'm with Logic on this one. What a stupid article.

    If samsung were trying NOT to make their phone look anything like the iPhone, they failed miserably. Even their commercials to the packaging were identical. Easy business when you ride in the wake of others. Everybody knows samsung weren't trying to be different. Their own internal emails prove the Apple iPhone model was the one they were targeting. Samsung, a crappy Korean copyist factory pumping out stuff others have thought of first.

    What similarities? This is getting a bit ridiculous. Apple does not own binders. Oh wait! Have a look in the App Store and see how many apps are also using a binder in its icon.

    Kind of rich when apple stole everything from andriod

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