Rumourmodo: Microsoft To Offer Surface Online-Only In Australia

Australia has Apple stores, concept retail stores and even a new Samsung store is on its way, but we're unlikely to see any Microsoft-branded stores for some time down here. That's usually been no problem in the past, considering that the company just sold stuff via retail partners. This is an interesting tidbit though straight from Sheeds at WPDownUnder: apparently, the Surface tablet is set to be an online-only product in Australia.

WPDownUnder reports via a source that although Australia will be a launch market for the hotly-anticipated Surface, it'll only be sold through Microsoft's-own online store.

If it's true, it means that Microsoft isn't just competing with its traditional hardware partners, it's also competing with retail partners. Oh my. [WPDownUnder]


    Hope this means we will get the same price as the US!!!

      Ahahahhhhahahahah no ahahhaaa

        There is not "Rent" or "Staff Wagers" costs other than sending it from China or where ever it coming from. If they do charge more I would like them to say why!!!

          It's Australia, that's why.

          Just have a look at the Games for Windows Live prices. They won't be doing us any favours. It'll be full price, and will stay that way even when its being sold for a quarter of the price in store

            That's a different situation, in that they have to do different licensing deals with publishers for different markets. This is wholly within MS's discretion and hey have already said we'll get price parity on Win8 upgrades. When I last bought from Dell, my XPS M1330 was cheaper here than it would have been ordering in the US, so it is possible.

          The official press release will read:

          "Blah blah blah long winded answer with hyperbole."

          To paraphrase Derps answer...

          In plain english, their answer REALLY will be:

          "Australia. Fuck you. Thats why."

            Because you're surrounded by water!


    Actually, they have a 3rd party involved - who needs to make money as well. They do not run their own store, it's run by a European multinational online contracter!

    More here:

    So no, on top of GST, it will be higher again. My guess is min. 30% more than US, maybe closer to 40%.

      But retailers also need to make money, so it should not affect pricing. You certainly don't get anything cheaper from an Apple Store than from Harvey Norman, do you? So having a 3rd party run your on-line store should not add anything to prices, it just means the retail margin goes somewhere else.

      GST will be added but in the US, state and federal taxes will also be added to whatever price is announced, so that's not a unique impost on us, either.

    More chance for other Windows RT tablets to succeed in our market then. I don't know how well they will take off straight away, if the first gen options are anything like first gen Android tablets, they'll be rushed and overly expensive anyway. As long as the OEM's put some effort into them, they'll sell. Don't release five different tablets in the space of a year.

    This isn't news. When they did the Surface launch they said you would only be able to buy these either online or in a Microsoft store. Nothing has changed.

    Does this mean we wont be able to have a hands-on look before we buy then? Not much chance of convincing people without it.

    Hah, great. So like the student edition of Windows 7 Pro, it'll be $10 short of double the price.

    Considering that the innovative keyboard cover is such a selling point of the device I think it would be stupid to not have them in retail stores.

    I wouldn't buy a tablet without touching it first.

    Well if all goes to plan my sister will grab one in Santa Monica on OCT 26 and it will be in my hands just over a week later! :D

      Hey Sheeds, Disqus on your site is not working. If it was, I'd have told you there that your Win8 app is not showing up in the Windows Store.

        MM - you need to have the RTM version installed....there are many news Win8 Apps (mine included) that are not visible to the limited store you see in the Release Preview and Consumer Preview. Sorry!

        PS - Disqus is working for me?

    I really need to see it before I buy it.. I'd like to use it as a laptop but I'm not convinced that I could get it to sit stably on my lap!

    Australia tax = purchase from the US with a forwarding company.

    Why wouldn't you? If I can either send $500 overseas to purchase a product, or $700 overseas to purchase a product from a address, why on earth would I "buy locally" when it's not even really local?

    So let me get this straight. People can go to almost any store and get an iPad. But they can't get a Surface.

    Oh, Microsoft. What genius! I mean, how could this possibly NOT work?

      It's not like Surface will be the only Win8 tablet on the market. There will be plenty of competition at retail level and maybe MS are staying out of it to give their hardware partners a bit of space to do their own thing without having to compete with Surface directly? Asus once owned the netbook market, which has morphed into the tablet market, so I reckon they'll be very keen to have their best Win8 tablets lining up alongside iPad as soon as possible, for example. And MS have been trying to flog computers through their website for a while now, so maybe they see Surface as an opportunity to attract more customers into that venture, too?

        Then why are they selling it retail in other countries?

    "If it’s true, it means that Microsoft isn’t just competing with its traditional hardware partners, it’s also competing with retail partners. Oh my."
    I would have thought if they are selling online or a through a shop front it's going to compete with retail partners... How else can they sell it, car boot sales?


    I will be in the us at he end of October....might have to wander into best buy and see what's available but likely only the rt, I want the eBay early November guys and gals....

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