Rumourmodo: Lenovo Working On Convertible Windows RT Tablet

While Lenovo has already announced Intel-powered Windows 8 tablets, the Wall Street Journal is now reporting that the company is also readying an ARM-based Windows RT tablet, too, which look set to compete directly with Surface.

The Journal explains that Lenovo are teaming up with NVIDIA to deliver a convertible tablet "with a keyboard that flips around to turn the product into a tablet." That makes it sound an awful lot like the Surface — but then, there's not much to go on.

If the rumour is true, Lenovo will become just the third manufacturer to officially be launching a Windows RT tablet, along with Microsoft and Asus. While the Windows RT-running Surface is set to appear on October 26th, there're still no pricing details available. If Lenovo do put out an RT tablet along the line of the Surface, it will be interesting to see how the two compare. [Wall Street Journal via Verge]



    I can confirm this. I wasn't meant to talk about it but if somebody else has, what the hell. It's going to be a flagship device for when windows 8 is released. It's advertised as being a tablet, laptop, "tent", and I forget what the last gimmick is. Wait until you see the tv ad for it. It's a trainwreck.

    "which look set to compete directly with Surface."

    I would humbly suggest that this was the entire point of Surface. The various PC manufacturers needed to step up to compete with Apple on design and usability... and cool.

    Microsoft fired a warning shot across their bow. You do it, or we will.

    ' a convertible tablet “with a keyboard that flips around to turn the product into a tablet.” ' I dunno, that sounds more like an ARM version of their Yoga to me.

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