Rumourmodo: Apple Is Working On A 13-Inch Retina MacBook

Retina all the things! That's Apple's new strategy, according to an analyst who believes that Cupertino is working on a 13-inch version of its 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display.

Richard Shim of NPD DisplaySearch is the one making these claims, and tells CNET that LGD, Sharp and -- awkwardly enough -- Samsung are manufacturing the new 13.3-inch, high-resolution panel for Apple.

I'll be taking this with a grain of salt, simply because it's not hugely surprising that Apple would want to Retina all the things following the positive reception of the Retina iPad, MacBook Pro and iPhone. Do you want a Retina 13-incher (MacBook that is)? [CNET]


    it might have saved me some cash in the end depending on how they price it.
    Guess I have to see how good haswell's IGP is to support the resolution on next year's refresh

      No-one held a gun to your head to make you buy it... /golfclap

    They better frigging not be! I bought the 2012 13 inch air because they didnt release a 13 inch Macbook Pro. WTF? I could understand why they released a 15inch retina and not 13 inch!? People want to ditch the DVD drive to go portable,, and 15 inch aint portable.

      i couldn't* understand

        As soon as the 15 retina dropped, there was talk of a 13 retina coming in the last quarter.

    Hahaha, that's obviously a non-story because there is no way this "analyst" got that info from Apple, but it's obvious Apple would be making this anyway, so the "analyst just made an obvious guess.
    So the point of this story was clickbait? Well that's the job I suppose.

    Usually I hate this sort of comment, but this rumour is possibly the most obvious thing I've ever heard about Apple. It's one down from 'Apple to continue creating and selling products'.

    Good to know, though.

      Yep, and the following year... a Retina iMac Macbook Air. Surprise!

        retina macbook air makes no sense if they can make macbook pro as thin as macbook air like how the 15" is right now.

    Retina this retina that how about something innovative ?

      Like how all the other laptop manufacturers are really pushing display technology forward. Please, the closest thing you can get to innovative in the pc space is the zenbook with the 1080p screen.
      People say Apple doesn't innovate because they don't make what they create because its just buying from parts bins. Why isn't everyone typing on windows machines with 2880x1800 displays, with all ssd storage and 8 hour battery life in a sturdy frame? why haven't they all gone past that already if pc companies are clearly more innovative in the laptop space?

    I'd probably purchase a 13" MacBook with a retina screen after my current 13" MacBook dies. But that won't be for a while it seems since it's got at least another 2-3 years in it.

    iphone 4s mkII is next.... with an innovative ........ blue case.

    I need a new laptop and I'm waiting for the 13 inch retina MacBook pro.

    Who cares? Apple, your dead to me! you hear me DEAD!

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