Rub This Pepper Mill Between Your Hands To Spice Up Your Meal

Apparently, the twist-to-grind method that handheld spice mills have employed for years was in need of improvement. At least that's what the designers of the MillMii grinder must have been thinking when they designed a mill that you have to rub between your hands instead of twisting.

Its design is cute enough with a rubber textured finish and five different colours to choose from. But the website doesn't do much to justify its unique design or explain why rubbing it between your hands is a superior alternative to twisting a traditional mill. If anything, this actually seems just a touch awkward to use, particularly when it comes to distributing the ground salt or pepper exactly where you want it. So perhaps Peugeot doesn't have much to worry about just yet.

[Yormii via Appliancist]



    id love to rub that at a restaurant while im eating after thousands of people have rubbed it!

    Hmmm... wonder if Nintendo will say anything about their use of Mii. :)

    I think this thing is more about being different just for the sake of it.

    I like different. I'm not one to get the same stuff as everyone else. And this sounds like a fun idea to me. Looks pretty cool too.

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