Quick-Release Camera Mount Complements Your Fixie's Hip Aesthetics

Most camera mounts seem targeted at extreme athletes wanting to record their over-the-top exploits with a GoPro strapped to their bike's handlebars. But Minoura's new quick-release mount looks like it would appeal to the hipster community instead, letting them strap their plastic Lomos to their retro fixie bikes.

Its 6.35mm threaded bolt attaches to a camera's standard tripod mount, while a quick=-release spring lock makes it easy to then temporarily secure everything to a bike's handlebars. A cork ring at the base of the bolt prevents a camera from coming loose while the bike is jostling about, and the whole setup pops off in mere seconds for quickly snagging a candid shot. And for $US18 it's a relatively cheap way to shoot bicycle POV shots without emptying an entire roll of duct tape. [Minoura via PetaPixel]

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